Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pop-pops is a Kindergartner. and for the first few days he didn't like it one bit. said it was too HOT in there and that he wanted to go OUTSIDE but NOBODY would listen to him.which sucks if you think about it.  he didn't want to go back.

oh loookit the first of hundreds of manilas! yay...
Nana was here visiting from Arkansas and she got to chauffeur him to his first day of school  in puro style, aye....she sure did like that. and so did he, my schoolboy

Monday, September 06, 2010

i am one lucky son of a bitch!

Somebody gimme a congratulatory kiss!

G.'s brain (power) is Ginourmous

when i get to hang out with him (an incredibly sad amount)just being with him - listening to him

 i'm all a'marvel

i may change Happy's name to Grace

her first job as a waitress is teaching her So Much in the dealing with assholes department. she has a very pretty smile & she wouldn't let me Or her visiting nana pay for dinner

WILD Child

because i Encourage this (shit!)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

down to a dumpster dive camera that still captures things in a saturatious blip

G. & Popperski (Pop-pops as a creepy little bank robber)

my sons/the brothers in downtown San Fran
i can just feeeel a mad crime spree comin' on!

San Francisco made me wanna write better/more posts

i told my biggest son, "remember when i used to write good [imho]posts?"  i fondly reminisced those san franciscan bloggities and so became inspired.