Wednesday, August 17, 2011

awww my pearly girl...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the brizz kids! headed to busk @ farmers

so thursday farmer's market in SLO is pretty bomb. street vendors and jumping houses, music, BBQ....they close off like 5 or 6 blocks's a little too crowded sometimes but these Brizz Kids are good at pretending i'm the momma quail and follow along in an orderly line. They got it in their heads that they wanted to make a little extra cash by singin'  on one of the street corners...only when we got there - they were too quiet /shy and Pop-pops who is the lead singer..decided he'd rather climb the tree on the corner...i put 5 bucks in their hat and we got kettle corn. i call that pretty successful.

Today i miss Zoe and my De La Soul cassette tape that i WORE Out. Random but true

That ole dog of mine was The Best White German Shepherd in all of Germany and the world. Speaking of Germany!! It's gonna be home to my G. for a whole year as he's going to university over there. G is phat like that. his little brother adores him

Monday, August 15, 2011

pretending to sleep

la loca sad girl

oh my beautiful heartfull blogger from way across the pond

wish we were right next door neighbors.. hanging out our gleaming white laundry (pillow cases and negligees) we'd have  matching backyardy clotheslines, talking & talking and i'd give you a hug....Jakey and Pop-pops running about, the original Jake & Zoe at our feet....(i wish big)
we could drink a nice round goblet of wine and eat chocolate and i would totally comfort you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

one of the main confessions i wanna make is that i got facebook confused with blogging

and i need to get ahold of's a Very confusing matter. also: major mindset Brain activity - i am totally immmersed (!) as a 9/11 Truth Seeker now. HELLO! google building 7!! how did i not know this shit after almost i cannot unring that bell. It's made me even more wide open in my mind to Other questions and awarenesses. But please.. nobody commit me to the looney bin, yet. So back to facebook. it's consuming and therapeutic. i'm a lonely single mother who lives towns now, from loved ones  Facebook helps me not be so isolated...also there's the issue of:  do i want peeps that read this blog (if any) to be my facebook friend?? is there something scary and possibly invitatious of cyber asking for it? because it sounds fun and harmless...retaining one's anonymous stature in the cyber spaces is nigh babydaddy googled my name and found all kindsa weird stuff i do! which brings me to another catching up item: I, Changapeluda - am a Stage Actress again. High School Thespianism never really goes away!! i've been writing funny monologues and performing them at a little theatre by where i live! So Fun...i'm FUNNY!!
 anywhoo just keepin' my promise to Blog More...told myself - "just fucken do it". oh yeah..please leave comments and let me know you're still out there.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

i pledge allegiance to my tits of the united states of america!

hello  blogspot.. long time no see!

rental car @ avila beach

I still love this blog after all these years!

random shots of apartment's lovely living in apartments in san luis obispo...i've been a busy girl!  i promise to catch up soon and i don't promise Nothin' unless i mean it.