Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

I think it's fun to disappear

and by fun i mean weird fun 

to not have to interact or answer to anyone is sublime

except for my kids i am unavailable (& they are 32/30 & 17)

and i like it  

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Kristin Smart Verdict

 The jury reached a verdict .. they won't read it until 1:30. Right now my mind is in a state if limbo.  i have gotten over the feeling of being a nosy neighbor and am horrified by women going missing and men getting away with it. Did the jury find Paul Flores and his disgusting looking dad guilty as pretty much everybody knows they are OR is it not prove-able beyond a reasonable doubt. The U s of A and its justice system isn't reliable AT ALL. 

Friday, July 08, 2022

when i emerge out of the woods i'll be wearing a cape & false eyelashes ...lotsa flaura a lil bit of fawna

 i envision me being taller. 

on the inside of my cape i have sewn pockets

for crystals & a harmonica & a coupla fatties 

a source of fire


my daughter & my sons & my mother's love

all wrapped up in me as i FUK IT UP

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Spilt Almond Milk use crying over it

so i really wanted Almond Butter the other day at the Grocery outlet but i denied myself because i have heard it takes like 2 gallons of water to produce ONE almond?!?? wtf California is all the time in a drought so that's not sustainable omg... But then u got Nestle getting all the freeee water to bottle & sell so WTF is it i can DO !?? i want some goddam almond butter on my goddam toast  but it's a demand i don't want supplied 

so.... no almonds for me ? 

i buy the kid almonds allll the time so why the fuck did i have a mental fit over almond butter & not buy it & now i can't eat almonds anymore 

i'm not vegan, either so i have NO MORAL Ground to stand on about food & it's QUITE the dilemma 

also FUCK Nestle 

FUCK Chick Filet

FUCK Amazon

Fuck goddam Hobby Lobby 

oh i'm in a moood !!

Friday, July 02, 2021


 sometimes u don't realize how badly someone has treated u 

until they say "I'm so sorry for the horrible way I've acted!"

they apologize for what u think is waaayy more than what they did 

but THEN that fucker lightbulb goes on & ur like Oh fuucckk i Have been putting up 

with Being treated like THAT much shit, haven't i ? 

which is a shame & also be proud to have come to that realization

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020

On this last day of this YEAR of our Lord (cheeeese & crackers of fucktaculars) Twenty 20

 i,  a little bit turned into my mom:

Hermenia who actually put the MEAN in Hermenia ...oh my mom was famous for asking Very loudly/stern af with all the authority 

 - at family gatherings and PUBLIC gatherings - 

"WHERE?! Is the MOTHER of these kids??!?" if there were any brats anywhere near her or children generally misbehaving/causing probs, she was There to remedy that. 

December 31st, 2020

i was at the beach today w/an amiga who wanted to write 2020 in the sand and take pix of the waves erasing it (yeah yeah happy new year or whatever) 

this is wut it looked like out there today... it was beautiful and breathtakingly so... Literally 

very much not a good idea to be doing this:
at first i was tryin' to just enjoy myself at the ocean ... the beach was empty except for these people who were Not from around here, i could tell.. I most definitely Would Not let my kids out in that water, that's for damn sure.

then i watched them go around that cliff  ..earlier the whole family had tried to go over there but a wave got 'em and they ran towards where i was.. now the adults are chattin' away oblivious  when all's it takes is One second & the riptide's gotcha.  
my heart was Racings & i couldn't not yell out...from a safe distance  cuz of covid, of fucking course .. 
" I Wouldn't let them Swim in this!" gesturing to a not safe ocean to be fucking around with..the one kid's board didn't have a leash & that's a recipe for disaster, another scary ingredient:  the dad had his back turned so the two little kids  were going further where nobody could seee them! my stomach was starting to hurt. Ay yi yi my guts were Forcing me to do the Scoldy! in that WHERE-is-the-mother-of-these-kids voice mixed with my own sweet Ethel Merman theatre voice w/just a rad tinge of  full on California girl  lilt to it - i totally  Shouted i mean for sure..
 i was yelling like Hermenia de la chingada!!! - Over the crashing of the waves 
"Oh my God, they're over around the side IT'S making me soo nervous! I'm so scared For them!!" so the dad called them over.... 

2020 can't be over sooon enuf & it's the last day. 

OUT of the wooods !

 Hurray & Hallelujerz !! omg what a fucktacular x-mas THAT was. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Felt like writing

 & i have nooo fucking idea why but in a CELEBRATORY manner even tho: 2020 sucks a Big greeeen donkey dick. But fuck it i'm gonna celebrate that i'm still HERE. still writing on this godforsaken blog or at least reader forsaken cuz gahhh i hope god didn't forsake Lickety Split Cleaning Service Blogspot... heh

so the impetus for this burst of wanting to writerly is a book i found down between the wall & my couch called ' What To Say When You Talk To Yourself'  by Shad Helmstetter,PhD. i picked it up for either 25 cents outside of Phoenix Books downtown or grabbed it in a free box cuz it sounds like that kinda title we shouldn't judge books by.  so far i've only read the intro and the acknowledgements which are solid thoughtful i guess.. i mean he's the guy that wrote this book so it's safe to say he's confident about the right solid thoughtful things ta say, n'est-ce-pas? 

as soon as i did my thing where i close my eyes and put my fingers along the edges of the pages of the closed book to Open it to the page i'm supposed to read... & i found pix of my kids i had stashed in there! 

Yayyyyy!! & an envelope i had kissed and a Large Olive can label ... so far this book is pretty Good! 

Lookit Happy & Pop-Pops eleven years ago maybe 12.. i like how they are Barely smiling 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

some days are moar delicious than others

i guess i got inspired by m.c. escher 

& Frida 

 & somehow Maria Callas 


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Monday, August 03, 2020

Civil Rights 2020

every fucking time someone says All Lives matter it pisses me off so fucking bad... why can't stupit people fucking learn/get it thru their thick skulls that saying All Lives Matter in response to BLM is racist as fuuuucckkk??!?  
picture this... Thanksgiving dinner... a beautiful magazine layout worthy  table full of delicious food, served up hot & fragrant feast... someone just said grace, it's that fantastic holiday shared feeeling of soon to be yummmm  & Right then when everyone has their forks ready, their mouths prepared - 
Somebody lets out a Big Loud Juicy Sounding Fart...and it fucking STINKS it fucking Reeeks ...That's what All Lives Matter sounds (& smells like)
that disgusting fart would be bad at any other time...the juicyness of it so wet sounding that nobody is sure how much shit came out but shit Had to come out... it's the timing of it. At that particular time ..that's what makes it sooo.... fucked UP! 
Stop it. 

Friday, July 31, 2020