Monday, April 13, 2009


when life hands you lemons:

i say be a Lover and put them right Here!
i have been languishing in the self portraiture with a splash of the sexy some more!

(floral skirt by Goodwill, lemons harvested in Nipomo, tie dye by Changacoqueta)

i get bored and lonely so instead of packing my life away (lookin' for a better way), i get all dolled up and take naughty pictures....Then - coincidentally enuf, my stupid computer breaks down and my computer guy probably has a heyday. It's only a suspicion, wrought (wraught? what?) from the fact that some of the more nekked ones were Moved to another HARD drive. Wtf? It makes it even more clandestine....especially with my new web cam that has a 1950's movie reel effect that lets me see myself like this:

only with more chi chi....but i shan't post those here because; as G. would say, wow - that's gross
and secondly i'm working on my wholesomeness. heh heh heh

Friday, April 10, 2009