Monday, January 29, 2007

Lickety Split Rainbow Service

There was a bright-ass rainbow so I cropped the shit out of it!

Just because I liked the way it looked and I have the technology. I may be a little e-tarded but I can manuever may way around [ala
Dr. Heimliechkkk]. Notice my hesitance to switch to the new blogger. I'm like an old codger who likes things the way they are. Nothin' new fangled around here, dagnabbit. Although last night on 60 minutes this guy from the Geek Squad said the internet revolution hasn't even begun. Yikes. What am I gonna do? I don't even know what HTML is and why mine was still open w/an exclamation point, even! Makin' me all unable to post!! Time to learn to like and even know what tags and labels are for....and to be able to put things in different colors so that when you click on 'em you uhhhh...go there. Who thought of that?!? How exciting! Learning new shit is always good, right?
So the house in the picture that looks kinda painted but also all digitized, belongs to the neighbor, Susie. She grows (and shares) persimmons, pomegranites, loquats, walnuts, and lemons. Pretty, exotic and organic, if you ask me. She also has a buncha poodles in sweaters. She's super nice and sometimes wears her blue hair rollers to check her mail. This town is pretty podunk, and I like it just fine.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pop-pops for Peace!

I must come clean and admit that I am a Stephen King fan, (the heart + the peace symbol is from Hearts in Altlantis). I must come clean and admit that my brother is the town drunk. I must come clean and admit that I need to clean house. I must come clean about my hatred of the telephone (unless it's my kids calling). I must come clean and admit I am too poor to put G. thru college. I gotta come clean and tell you I have a secret (not no more) desire to busk. I must come clean about my fear of Zoe (the dog's) death. Wsphew!
There, that's what my heart needed from Lickety Split Cleaning Service for today.
Got anything you wanna come clean about?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Come on Baby, light my fire!

Lickety Split Wood Service.
Peppertree wood, soaked in
rainwater and ready to burn.
I thought this looked like a real
fire in a fireplace but I've been
seeing things, lately.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Then There Were Two

My mom used to hold up her hand and sing this nursery rhyme to me.
5 little sea-shells, by the sea shore
Swish! went the wave and then there
were four (she'd tuck in her thumb)
4 little sea-shells, pretty as can be
Swish!went the wave and then there
were three(then her pinky)
3 little sea-shells both fairly new
Swish!went the wave and then there
were two(she'd put down her ring finger)
2 little sea-shells sitting in the sun
Swish! went the wave and then there
was one. (down w/birdie finger)
1 little sea-shell sitting All Alone whispered
(she'd put her pointer finger to her lips)
Ssssssssssssssh... as I took him home.

I loved it when she did that one. She was so dramatic in a quiet and mesmerizing way. And it always had the same ending where we got to take the last lonely little sea-shell home....sometimes she would make her other hand be the wave and Swish it over the sea-shell counting hand and reveal the new number of shell fingers left....(I can remember helping her put the right finger down)....Of course, as is only fitting, I taught this nursery ryhme to my kids....Pop-pops is next! Swish! went the wave....
My bigger kids grew so Fast! G. and I have some hilarious exchanges. He was in fine form yesterday. Grumpy so there was quite an edge. G. says says he is going to get his own blog so he can refute what I say....And that he is not cruel.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I say procession, G. says light refraction

And that I need to stop seeing miracles in everything . The final insult: he calls her "Tortilla Mary". Teenagers can be cruel.

I went to Catholic School, St Mary's of the Assumption, so I know about shit like this

There I was, minding my own business. Taking pictures of some funky ladders that I make. I really like making these ladders since punily enuf: My Art Therapy sessions have escalated. So I'm standing in the same spot where I first encountered her....Our Lady, and Lo and Behold(the second picture with the eerie lookin' sock in the left corner)...I think it's a procession! I'm nuts, I tell ya but I think it's a group of these chicks! Can you see them? Is it a trick of light? Why do I feel so good when I'm standing there? I go to "the spot" (my favourite part of my Whole Backyard now, thank you very much) every morning and it's dependably cool there and I feel so happy, just standing. All smiles and deep cleansing breaths. I can feel her presence. Holy Mary! Full of Grace. Blessed is the fruit and all that jazz.... And to have some sort of colorful photographic proof!
I am over the moon.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Icicle Apparition, Puro Cali Down, Aye

I don't know what the fuck happened to the weather around here but it has been freeeeeezing! For reals. I went to check on some of my double dipped purple toed tie-dye and whattaya know.... the wading pool that I let Pop-pops dip his toesies in just the other day, then used for the rinse cycle-overnight soaker of my tie dye... Frozen! Isn't that great?? The ice was clinging in sheets to the socks....So I dangled them from a tree to take a picture for this here blog and OMG! in a Dream Come True....The Patron Saint of Tie-dye, the Virgin of the Sacred Hearted Socks appeared!! Fantastic!
I was hoping something like this would happen! And it did. Check her out in that First groovy picture. To the right of the tied up frozen tube socks. There she is in all of her multicolored cloaked glory. Can you make her out?? I am so excited and happy about this that even if you can't see her, I can. That's enuf for me. But I sure hope you can. She's beautiful! I thought she might appear in one of the socks...I already know how weird I am, so it's okay that I'm reminding you. Isn't it? I think it's kind of like a miracle. I really do.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh Sacred Heart of Happy Tuesday

Socks of
My Heart

Hippy Happy

See what happens when we add some G.

The first Happy Tuesday of the year was beautiful and filled with color and laughter and love. Happy Tuesday everyone! Happy Tuesday.

(even though it's thursday.)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Operation Go Get Brother: Complete Success! Thanks to SUPER Mighty Pop-pops!!!

Oh Joy! My big son is home again, home again jiggity jig. We had a bitchen road trip, smooth sailing on the freeway, superhero baby action and DJ Jazzy Foofy (alias Happy) manning the stereo...plenty of snacks and drinks....a gorgeous sunny California day..couldn't have asked for better conditions or better results. I'm one Pleased Mama. Yes I am.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Am I blue?

Gettin' down to the heart of the matter. Tube socks. All tied up & ready to dye. One day I made all blue socks cuz I was feeling kinda down. Only now I smile when I wear them. Talk about Art Therapy. Hah! I'm even making shit up! I have No Idea what that heart is gonna look like once I unravel it all. I'll show you, once I do.

And I'd Lock It With A Zipper

If I only had a heart....We miss G. has been in Arkansas for almost 3 weeks and I keep dye-ing while Pop-pops kisses his picture and calls out for him. We all watch Nipomo High School's "Les Miserable"....(G. kills as Javert & Pop-pops slays me w/his undivided attention to French History) . Everytime we see a Tinman (The Wizard of Oz is all over the place around here) Pop-pops thinks it's his brother....if you recall, G. won the roll of the Tinman. Oh! This is foreshadowing, I tell you. G. will be leaving for college soon and my nest will have one less son of mine.
What'll I do?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tortillas! Lickety Split! Rollin' rollin' rollin' ....

So did I tell you my mom is the best in the west? Yeah, I did because She Is. Yesterday, Pop-pops was sniffin around the BBQ wild boy out foraging for food with his trusty ole dog, Pearly Girl Zoe at his side....My mom heard him say "Nummmy Num!" He was standing there all demanding like by the pit, making food noises and my mom picked that up with her eagle ears....that was all it took to whip her into frenzy. There was a little Mexican Woman Cookin' whirling dervish let loose. Before I could say "que la fregada" she had whipped out the tortillas, made the fresh chile salsa and brought me the meat & beer (the best, i'm tellin' ya). All I had to do was light a good oak wood fire, then be outside with my son and my dog and my mom and enjoy myself. The Best. My mom. Oh, man!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lickety Split Tie Dye Service

Saves my ass, once again. This time in the
Gift Giving & Receiving Department. People dig my tie dye socks. I even get requests. I also do underwear! Fun and fabulous to wear. If you ever have to take your shoes (or your pants) off in public: a definite conversation starter/eye catcher.
I really love dye-ing. It's my favourite.