Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Dye-ing over Here!

La! la la life goes on. Whether you blog about it or not.

Oh, those Bank Knockers and their new set of lawyers on this road of foreclosingz:
even though i was told i'm not very realistic in my approach sometimes: I think Happy and her stellar report card bought us an extended stay! Whooop Di Doooo!
we are here until MidJune, folks! i'm too busy doing weird art projects to give a shit about anything one would normally give a shit about at a time like this. Pop-pops is having Art Class on the side of the sculpture it is!

And- Other than being accident prone to do horrific things like slice open my ring finger and almost take my own eyeball out; It is working out terrifically.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Where my head is At

Sometimes i overcompensate when i try to stay above The Fray.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

the old casita

my dad built for my sister over 40 years ago. When my dad built a playhouse he put in those doors like the one in Snow White, where just the top half can be opened, he was phat like that....shake roof, and real windows that got switched out to plate glass when my brother threw a rock thru them because my sister would lock his ass out! He's always had a volatile temper. My brother Nat is El Valiente and El Boracho on their Loteria cards, with a little bit of El Catrin all rolled into one town drunk -- who is currently in jail. i know this is kinda wrong, but i always get a little glad when he gets hauled off to the pokey because i know he can't drink in there. i also know he is a bighearted guy in a short little mexican body that drinks toooo much beer. Terrible timing as he just got a Good framing job (in Santa Ynez, que la fregada)! what a bitch. there is hardly any new construction going on and my brother is very good at what he does. i've seen him do acrobatic feats, balancing with one foot per truss, while SAWING with his jumpyass bigger than mine skilsaw....he's awesome. when he's sober. i'm sparkin' up a St. Jude, help of the hopeless - a votive just for him.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tia Carmela

My Nana Josephine's sister and one of the 17 original pochas. She was a First generation Californian.
My mom says Tia Carmela's name was really Carmen and she was a fabulous cook. She's my Tia Queto's mom. Tia Queto is my nuclear family's collective FairyGodmother. ...Oh how i love my Tia Queto, she fell in love with G. and Pop-pops at a family re-union. After their 1st meeting, she wrote G. an elegant little handwritten notecard about how he did his ancestors an honor with his intelligence. MUY amable she says about him, muy amable - which means you got gooood manners and are kind/courteous and you lend yourself to people (how the fuck i got so lucky to be these 3's mother is beyond me) she also tucked 25 dollars in the envelope and told him to please not be offended by that, it's just her way...G. wasn't offended in the least. Tia Queto likes buying my mom, Happy and i Nice jewelery. She mails it to us in big professionally wrapped care packages filled with sumptuous scarves and Hats! i love hats. I don't know how she does it, but she finds turquoise & amber earrings that are lovely to wear. We got a penpal thing going on. She digs my writing and has my letters framed. How honestly cherished am i by her?? The feeling is mutual, she's got a wicked sense of humour and always has kind words....always. Tia Queto is just Good People. I love her for calling my mom and telling her what an excellent mother and cousin she is. They grew up together, went out dancing together....they have a lovely history...Which is why it bums me out that i invited Tia Queto to read my blog and she started at the beginning. In an early rant, under the guise of coming clean, i let myself wallow in a Bush Rant, went on & on about how i loathed him as our embarrassing president on account of him being a slugvomit war criminal fuckface....ANYway - Tia Queto is a Republican. And her husband is a retired high up there guy in the military! I totally offended her. I Fucked UP! The next little elegant notecard had american flags on it and a simple, oh mija, i Love my country! in response to my blog and she wasn't interested in it anymore...i don't even think she got to the parts i wrote about my mom which i know she woulda enjoyed. Gah! why i gotta be so controversial??

She's still our FairyGodmother, though. Which is why this picture of her mom, my great Tia Carmela - is propped up in front of my typewriter, she's giving me a solid indulgent strength/encouragement...if that makes any kinda sense at all.


the odds are sayin' you'll never win
That's when a grin should start....but First!
you gotta have heart.

when your luck is battin' zero,
get your chin up off the floor
Mister, you can be a hero
you can open any door
(there's nuthin' to it but to do it)

Corazon! Corazon!!

I've got something worth fighting for

a sweet cause for my mad crusade
I'm going to try my hardest in a very balls to the wall manner. I'm not going to give up. Not now. I consider my daughter to be a nice young woman who doesn't deserve what's happening here. The date of her graduation from high school has opened up a go getter/justice seeker in Not just me. That Realtor the angel Carol - we now have a must in common, she got all indignant for me and seemed to be really on our side. Respite from the shit storm, i'll take it, thank you. Get up stand up, ... Oh and hey! I forgot to tell you that Happy had a marvelous time at her last winter formal of her teenaged formal career:

She went ahead and got herself crowned Winter Formal Queen while she was at it. At Nipomo High School, a teacher nominates the court and the faculty votes. From her teachers she won this honor. Go Happy!

Long Live the Queen! (of my heart)

The Bank Knockers said No

oh my heart is broken, beaten up bad...i do believe it's taken a lickin' but keeps on tickin'...
Those fuckers...greedy crooks that won't allow for any Humane kinda end to our Lives to be lived here No More (at least not for long). They gave us until the 20th of April. 4/20! Ha! Put that in your pipe & smoke it, why don'tcha??? I thought i had a chance. I thought my request was reasonable. What's 120 more days to them? Nobody wants to buy it. And "it" isn't even it anymore, my mother's ancestral home....The house has turned into a loan, bought by Bank of America. I can't keep up with the sneaky shifting shit that's being pulled around here! One very shocking thing: The lady at the realtor's office was soooo kind! blow me over with a feathah....a Realtor who is interested in doing the right thing at no profit to herself! An angel, this woman - her name is Carol and she really went to bat for me. I was faxing her proof....proof of my mother's disability, birth certificates of minor children. I even faxed this

See? logical proof - Happy is indeed on the verge of graduating, well within the 120days. They still said No. I went to see the lawyer that G. worked for afterschool....she advised me to take their offer. Bless her heart, she has already given us one free consultation (usually 2 hundred and fifty bucks a pop). She's where i got the idea we would have that many days. I wrote her a very informal letter asking if i was wishful thinking.... She backpedaled, told me they are only obligated to give thirty days....Very disappointingly confusing... So i called Carol told her to bring it on. Let's get the ball rolling, fine, we'll be out by the 20th of next month....and we'll take the stupid money if that's what's got to happen....but then

Sweet Carol called back and said she told our whole sordid situation to the the new Bank Knockers from hell....she said that we'd get a ninety day notice to quit and after that we would get an eviction notice which would give us an additional thirty days. Which painstakingly got counted out on the calendar. July 2nd....woo hooo. No cash for keys but more precious time....home free, right??
Nope. MORE fucking Bank Knockers came with a 60 day notice plus the 30 after we get officially ousted, takes us to June the mother fucking 2nd and ten days before Happy is set to graduate. What in tarnation is goin' ON?!? It's like that moment when Lightning McQueen was drag-hopping @ the end of the race con la lengua afuera.
only i can't make it to the cockadooody finish line!