Thursday, February 22, 2007

this one goes out to a sweet little fishy, swimmin' the seas of love, out in big ole texas.

So I says to Pop-pops, "Okay, let's put your shoes back on."
And he goes....shooooomp!
That's our running away noise we make, then pose like the FTD guy. Try it next time you feel like running away. (but you gotta say the word real fast and pose all at the same time) Just a little
Something fun & silly to do. And I am nothing if not fun & silly. Happy Toesday!( even though it's Thursday)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Tuesday Packs A Punch

This lucky little Latina is on her way to Acapulco! A cancellation...a doting babydaddy, a notarized publicly stamped letter allowing her to leave the country, her good old passport w/her current high school picture i.d... and she is bound for Adventure. The open seas for my Happy. I hear she is going to get to swim with some dolphins and everything. You better believe she is taking a memory card full of pictures so the rest of us schlubs can catch a glimpse of paradise.
Don't worry though, she'll be back by next Happy Tuesday. With a whole lot to tell her mama, I'm sure.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh it's fine to be a genius of course, but keep that old horse before the cart. First you gotta have heart.

de la corazon: a pre-St. Valentine day lesson

For my big son, I tie-dyed a thermal and for my petite chiquitita, a small white zip-up hoodie....with plans to add some heart via iron-on. These are clinical looking hearts, I've cut out or painted them or put them on home-made paper. Included in the (to be ironed on later)mix is a mask of Kali, of the West Bengal persuasion. All this ironing on must first be printed out & I got me a sweet printer that occasionally goes on the know, just like the average printer only it's been eating the thinner, tastier printer paper here lately. So I choose up my hearts, put in the iron-on transfer paper, clicked okay print and walked away for a little while. Udon noodles were on the stove and a slurpy little boy was awaitin'. When I went back to the printer I was expecting to see my hearts all manifested before me on that little clear plastic arm/catcher thingie....only IT Wasn't There! Oh No, I ran thru all the bad things about this in my mind. I couldn't even see any part of the paper so I was sure it scrunched up the whole thing. No little piece sticking out like usual that I can pry out with the tweezers, dammit. I started wondering if they would take it back because it malfunctioned...I thought, Uh-oh, no more printer because it's a year old and even though I still have the box....the store probably won't take it back. I was starting to feel pretty bummed about the whole thing. Already missing all the fun artsy fartsing I do with my poor old printer. I pressed cancel/resume three times. I turned it off & on and listened to the paper feeder make a pathetic little whirring sound. No heart for the cool tie-dye thermal for G. and no cute little Hoodie for Happy. Sad. Then I looked down and realized I was standing on the paper that had printed my current heart's desire. The printer had printed it beautifully! And spit it out onto the floor. Disaster averted.
The moral of the story being: Don't go thinking the worst right out the gate because you'll end up stepping all over your heart for no good reason. And/or It's important to Look Around.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Expensive Up-do and Happy wasn't exactly Happy

It was the Winter Formal and she had her very particular outfit all prepared. The white pumps, the decision to wear no jewelery, the
straps of the dress altered so as not to slide off and big black ribbon sewed onto the side to act as a bow in the back. Every little
detail accounted for. Alas, in the execution, it got a little fuckered up. The hair stylist was rushed, the time alloted for pictures cut in half and then rushed, the little boyfriends parents being a little too pushy as usual. There just wasn't enough time. We forgot lipstick! How could we forget that? But that's just the small stuff. I think she looked Fabulous. She hates all the pictures. Even after I went thru the trouble(it was really no trouble, just fun) of making a photo-op/ black backdrop w/snowflakes. Oh well, Pop-pops and I got our use out of it anyway. AND we have another bitchen dress for Happy Tuesday. Which just happens to be TOday. So Lookout for a more beautiful and relaxed Happy in her Winter Formalness because this time, I'm running the show. Plus Happy learned a thing or two about doin' an up-do. And beside, duh, it's Happy Tuesday.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Lickety Split Ex-Husbandry

I've never been married but I really like that as a title. Happy's dad is the best artist I know. He did the Cleaning Woman on my banner and this one too. My Happy inherited his love of the doodle and is quite the little artiste herself. I really am a lucky dog. He wraps his monthly
support to his daughter in blank copy paper with a nice message written very small and neatly at the bottom. Or sometimes he draws me something. I'm one of those freaks of nature that gets along beautifully and lovingly w/my ex. That's a nice thing to come clean about.

I Love My BabyDaddy

I love child support, of any kind. I love a check wrapped (see pic) in my BabyDaddy's art & heart. I love to fart. I love the almost full moon this morning down on the west side. I love leftovers ( especially spaghetti). I love red wine. I love comments of any kind. I love my family but they bug ( it happens most in winter) I love my mom but she really bugs (again seasonal). I love footsie pajamas and babies that run in them & laugh. I love Happy when she's grouchy as hell. I love G. when he's telling a band geek story about finishing Haydn's 1st movement of que sabe que. I love Pop-pops when he wakes up in the middle of the night and gets up on his knees, bows his head and says, "hi!" (I think he dreams in Japanese, yes?) I love my Zoe girl puppy when she looks at me adoringly for just putting my hand on top of her head without even petting her. I love power tools. I love singing (w/G. in the car waiting for the late zero period band teacher who he loves) "I love you whenever, we're together. I love you when we're apart." I love the White Album. I love Billie Holiday. I love coffee. I love writing this post. The End (for now because i have a feeling i will add on) Oh, see, Already: I love the obscure. How about you?