Sunday, September 23, 2012

okay yeah, So What?...sometimes i take soft pornish pix of myself

but DOES THERE HAVE TO BE A DEMON BEHIND ME WHEN I DO????? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!! i keep telling myself i'm not gonna let this get me down but, COME On! it's insidious! and i'll tell you what...i think i look native american and a little bit drunk and my tongue looks really long & everything but - i am IN that room where that demonesque eye-baller in the corner was captured on digital(?) camera phone for all posterity!!! seriously wtf???!?!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i think

it's verrrry cool that i have a blogspot account and a tumblr account. goddess Bless the internetz.  i have THREEEEE followers on my tumblr and 1 of them is my daughter. on this very lickety split cleaning service blog i have 5 followers! WHO the fuck they are i have no idea except for heartful &  1 of my "followers" is my own son, yes...i'm usually the one behind the times electronically but the fruits of my womb followed my lead into actual blogging which i've been doing for SIX years now...woo hoo.
anywhooo i seriously heart blogging. Blog BLOG Blog blog. i hope i never stop.

i keep seeing things!

and it's not the drugs! it's not my imagination, right? other people see it, too. this time. it's obvious and BEAUTIFUL but kinda scary

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

if you look at the bottom right corner than go up midway, can you (Please) tell me what you see?? anyone? i don't even care if it's anonymous

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday, September 01, 2012

i love making rice pudding for my children.. and  that my daughter thinks it's delicious enuf to eat with a serving spoon

Groooovy Apartment Life in SLO, Calif.

boy says peace Now

it's been a while since i've really written anything worth writing but i still wanna do it. it's been a while since i purged my heart out. it's been a while since i've hugged my son who lives in Germany long as his passport holds out. it's been a while since i put on a shit ton of make-up. it's been a while since i've eaten at a Really Nice restaurant. it's been a while since i read any other blogs on blogspot other than mine & G.'s.

more to come. it's been a while since i've felt this was important to do.