Thursday, September 19, 2013

in an eco friendly attempt at loving mother earth i funride....for 30 bux a year i can rent a car for 7.50 an hour. my first hybrid

such a cool arrangement. in slo if the car is not at it's pod: the ceo gives you a RIDE. to the next available car. some peeps fuck up and rent the car for an hour but take longer. it happens. also do NOT go to Santa Maria in The Leaf (a silvery futuristic ride) You gotta plug that fucker in and there are NO places to re-charge it to get back to SLO. hahahaha. remember That G.?? we were taking our sweet ass time going all over the place, visiting bandrew and on the way back the car almost got DEADED

Pussy Riot-Punk Prayer.mp4

for my mom: SQUANDAH BIRD~!!!

ur  littlest grandkid eating a nectarine...awwww mira que cute!!


i love these women so much and have made art offerings in honor of them that are placed all over my apartment. i Believe in Pussy Riot! and when i play them on youtube the kid comes rushing in asking if that's them. this is very important to me as a woman to somehow someway even infinitismally teener tiny vibelike effort Do something in support of these women and what they did and how they conducted themselves in that weird as fuck court scene. and how they are still doing HARD prison time away from their kids..fuck. for speaking truth to power. also i have attempted to make a balaklava for ME and our two new cats. one is from the pound and one is from a mexican crazy cat lady in santa maria.
sooo off topic but i don't even care! THIS IS MY BLOG AND I DO WHAT I WANT! (plus obv....both are pussies and i mean that in the greatest of ways. freeeee pussy riot!!!!!)

coupla jewels from my crown (one is off to s. america)

Hey Nana those pants fit him perfect except they need hemmed

 i have it on the last taker inner elastic waist thingamabob. 

sending these out into cyberspace Especially for my mother & sister

3rd Grade Pop-poppers! The Papa Tote far he doesn't exactly hate school as much as he has since kindergarten but he sure is glad when it's over. also hes told me about a kid who tried to escape with pure glee in his eyes/voice. the kid tried to climb a fence in the schoolyard and got caught/sent to the principal's office. he's a First grader. he almost got out. 

i know this is CRYPTIC as well as nonsensical  AS FUCK but i just found a note i wrote to myself that reads: Key 2 La Llorona is in your suitcase

(& it made me wanna blog REALLY bad)

Monday, February 11, 2013

“I wonder if Plath would have been saved had she been born in a different time: in a time when psycho-pharmacologists are no more shameful to visit than hairdressers and women write celebrated personal essays about being bad mothers and cutters and are reclaiming the word slut. Would she have been a riot grrrl, embracing an angry feminist aesthetic? Addicted to Xanax? A blogger for Slate?”
— Lena Dunham on Sylvia Plath, who took her own life on this day in 1963 and whose relationship with life and death was quicksand of existence. 
#Sylvia Plath #Lena Dunham

i dunno...i think once ur doomed to be a lovely poet and die young but leave amazing literary shit behind - u just are, no matter what era ur born in

Sunday, February 03, 2013

sometimes i get so lonely that i get all dolled up and then i end up visually making out with my ownself - in my own's fun and i like it. i'm a good kisser in make believe and in real life! i mostly like my eyebrows in this one..they don't always look so purdy...the older i get the more salvador dali my eyebrows become!