Monday, December 17, 2007

oh this is weird looking

Well it's like in the Wizard of Oz when them flying monkeys (in the Haunted - i'd turn back if i were you!) tore into the Scarecrow and threw one leg over there and his arm over there and well...that's him all over.
My blogging capabilities/post options are all in a funky row - somewhere else. Huh?
my whole layout chingadero has Changed. Yahoo switched to Beta too, so my e-mail looks just as weird. Everything is not as it once was. something to do with the java script que la fregada. But i'm still plodding along. And I'm even trying to talk Happy into a switcherooney for tonite: with me gettin her lapwarmer flat Black portable and she gets the more grounded albeit klutzy klunker komputer as i still haven't gotten the tower and the 18pack of Bud to my computer guy.... i tell ya i'm the one of the Best procrastinators out there.
A lot has been happening here in my mind and in Nipomo. My drunk-ass brother shows up every Morning before we leave for The Bus! he sleeps in one of the junker trucks parked in the side yard. Poor guy. He's all dirty and extremely hung over and today had weeds in his hair. It's just too trifling for me so i escape w/Pop-pops into my room with the snakes and leave my mom to enjoy his visits and give him the 5th degree about why and what's the stuff he's got stuck in his drunk ass hair....i give up. It's very hard to reconcile the sorry/sheepish dude who just slept out in a rustbucket in the yard with the obnoxious loudmouth yelling at me to, "lock the door, you stupid bitch, I don't Care!" As far as drunken tirades go: his are pretty destructive. My bigger kids have no respect for him. Zero tolerance. My little guy Pop-pops who doesn't know any better: always sweet and (i'm kinda glad just cause i don't think most people are)he's always cheerful and greets him with a welcoming, "hi Tio!" In return, my brother brings him dirty old used toys (one time a sorry-ass looked like it had been floating in an oily puddle semi-flat plastic purple ball) and my mom washes them in the sink... she says it's the thought that counts and i'm thinkin': that's sad. especially for my mom. Pop-pops actually played with the ball after she wiped it down with hot soapy water.
Also too:
Dewbug Daycare has too many special needs kids! Being so new at this, I don't know how we got into the special needs arena...but it seems like we are some sort of magnet for behavioral problems (including slight to moderate autism) and now we have a beautiful 4 yr old girl who is completely deaf. She's wild, too. Danielle is playing the part of Annie Sullivan. I know some sign language and we connected/kinda bonded over glitter & glue on that silent artsy fartsy level that needs no words. We even taught each other the sign [language] for Sunglasses. She's very smart and incredibly demanding attention-wise, it's almost impossible to keep up w/her. She also likes to beat up the other kids. A hellion But i kinda like her (and am silently rooting for her) Her sign language name is a V (like a 2 fingered peace sign on the forehead) trailing down to mimic long hair. I hope we are able to keep (up with) her. The Sign Language Interpreter @ Headstart (preschool) told us she has been Really improving since we've had her at Dewbug Daycare, (yay!)so there's that.
And here's a doozie:

I've been touched by fricken Angels! For real. I'm reading a book by Sylvia Brown whom I Luv. She's a smokey voiced no-nonsense psychic. I feel kinda ghetto for liking her so much but ina GhettoFabulous kinda way. So this book is All about Angels. The sappiest kind. Sentimental & Foofy with wings, the ones that save people from car wrecks (w/trains!) and protect little children. THOSe kinds of angels. And I'm just the gullible type a girl to buy into that shit. Hook line & Sinker. I have even spotted a few on the bus! (that's "angelic" on the older gentleman cholo's balded head)
This angelic lookin' homie smiled @ me like he knew me. I made a silly decision to only read the angel book while on the bus which is working out he sits down in front of me and i took a couple of sureptitious he just happens to have what it is i'm reading about Tattooed on his pelon pate! Yep, i am as crazy as you thought i was. I'm even thinkin' just Maybe some Christmas Angels will float on down to Nipomo and pay me a visit and then: my holidays won't suck. Who knows, crazier things have been known to happen, right?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Tuesday! The Mother/Daughter Edition w/a cameo by G. and Pop-pops

So Happy says to me,

"Come on, Mom! Let's you and me take some pictures..." Boy, she didn't have to tell me twice.

I threw on some make-up, Licketysplit (she even took pix of me smearin' it on) And now, Now we have the added benefit of Happy's mad photoshopping skills. I threw in a picture she futzed with of G and Pop-pops as an illustration of her cleverness. I am posting from her laptop so i feel kinda flat and state of the art...and just a nagger unfamiliar....i can't seem to get my blogger footing here lately. I'm thinking it's because I am very attached to my old clunker computer...i don't know that i like sitting on the couch with a laptop in welll duh, my's warm, though & i like that. Plus i really like these pictures Happy took of her and me. We make a good team. I'm the brawn and she's the brain. So there's my cause to celebrate and i sure hope you can join us by having a kick ass Happy Tuesday your own self.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Headache and a half

i poisoned myself: Tylenol w/codeine and every coupla hours or so alternated 3 Advil liquid gel fast acters. It was a lot of OMG why is this happening Again (craptacular family fun)and my tooth hurt then i caught a dark yellow snotted flu cold bug of yucka and G. came home from college for the very first time. Plus one of my babydaddies moved to fricken Maui! Not Happy's Dad, he's my favourite and the best. Pop-pop's Papa up and sailed away to Hawaii, which is fine with me but kinda sad for poor fatherless 2 yr old.

Also my fucking computer is like a magnet for trojan thingamajiggers and it's sometimes cooperative and mostly not. This sucker is Old. It's been souped up & all but; alas, i think i've gotten as far as this old clunker Can go. I'll leave it up to my boozy computer guy to decide my cyberfate. Okay: Just so you know things did not Completely suck for the first holiday (gag) of the Season:

THE MUSIC CAME Back! As did my G. for which i was very happy.and grateful.
He made a giant cookie and warned us not to eat it. It was very flat and crunchy. I didn't have much of an appetite.For people i can't stand to be in the same room with, or for big turkey dinners and all the subsequent mushy leftovers. Okay i'm done bitching and boy it feels good to blog again!
Hello Out there. Sorry i can't sometimes comment...but sometimes i can. I also can't watch movies (sad)or upload pictures properly. I'm kinda like a deafmute.
Blind in one eye. Cyberwise that is.
So if you could please bear with the timeliness or lack thereof and thank you for not giving up on me. Okaybye. For now.

yeah, so i needed a LOT of this

Oh! for the love of power tools!

Yep. I needed extensive therapeutious of the artsy fartacular. As Miss Peggy Lee (con gusto) would Sing:

"you gotta have heart! miles and miles and miles of heart....
when the odds are sayin you'll never win, that's when a grin should start,

but First! You gotta have heart."

and the guys in the background sing..."Corazon! Corazon..."

This is just a little background action
for my cyberlove girlie: Miss Suziblu
herself. I sure hope she likes it and she doesn't mind that by handsew i meant safety pins. Lots of them. Ahhhhhh!
How i Love my Art as Therapy. I do, i do, I Do!

I knew as soon as i answered that knock at the door that our goose was Cooked

Now why would you want to dine with drunkards and other icky people when you have kids and they need to be protected from such yuckiness?!? My mother is of the mind that if you are family, you Are Welcome. Regardless. And me, G., Happy, and Pop-pops, we can't stand it. So we cloister. Flee and avoid. But at least we are together And eventually the bad people leave and we eat, even though there's a bad taste in our mouths.

Thanksgiving Dinner sucked but i'm still grateful even though i'm A day late and a dollar short

which just gets all cancelled out (the day late and dollar shortpart)because i'm a great procrastinator and live well below the poverty level. And Live well, we do. But i must come clean and tell you the reason i hate the holidays so much is mostly because i have some Very Unsavory family members...spawned by my brother the town drunk (when he's in town). I treat days where most people celebrate loved ones with Careful Avoidance. Only to be bombarded at drunk-thirty in the morning....but ew and ugh! I'm used to it. The Holidays suck.
Ho HO ho.....wake me when it's Over!