Sunday, December 16, 2012

WHERE in the heck is Zulia?

Cabimas, to be exact. duhr...2 seconds de google que la's Venezuela  Yay!! for random peeps from Venezuela reading my blog. yay for anybody who reads this!!...i may not know WHO you are but i know Where!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chumash Blessings


 The 2nd staged version of The Maria Solares Project

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


right at 12 i texted my 21 yr old daughter - then tried to whatsapp my son and it fucken took 30 seconds and i missed my chance ...the satellites are INUNDATED! i just got a reply from her four minutes later and her text was marked 12 noon! Yayyy.

Happy 12-12-12!!!! at 12:12

although really, who gives a rat's ass ....i Do. sorta

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

when my blog pals got my back

The first comment is from Heartful and it's in regards to my return back to blogging after i had been homeless....the last post i wrote started out with how  moving sucked a big green donkey dick and it was drivng me batshit crazy. i was wondering if peeps were still even reading this blog Heartful said:

"Of course! I keep coming back here every now and then to see if you're gonna start writing again. Glad you are.
1:38 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know that you are doing your own thing but could you stop putting foul language on or under your heading when someone searches for Lickety Split Cleaning because , my company is also named Lickety Split Cleaning & Property Preservation this type of work is very hard to keep going , especially when and all that stands out is suck donkey dick, Please represent cleaning if that is what you do ,i have not found anything cleaning about your site . if not maybe changing your name or subtracting the foul words . Thank you so Much Tracii
6:17 PM
Blogger changapeluda said...
all that stands out is Donkey Dick??


why you gotta be that way, tracii??

how about, i mind my own fucking business and you mind yours!

6:37 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
wait- tracii is sucking donkey dick??!!
maybe your work is hard to keep going cuz your so damn judgemental-
9:40 PM
Blogger the heartful blogger said...
Ever heard of freedom of speech Tracii? It ain't anybody's fault if all you can see is donkey dick sucking.
6:13 AM
Blogger La Sirena said...
Too bad, Tracii. She can call her blog whatever she wants using whatever words she wants.

Also, I looked up your company and Changapeluda had her blog named "Lickety Split Cleaning Service" before you had your company named "Lickety Split Cleaning & Property Preservation", so if a blog is coming up with a similiar name and that bothers you, maybe you should have done your research ahead of time and not used the name she already had.

Also, I think your customers should be able to figure this one out. Get over yourself.
6:53 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
HELLO HELLO - I have missed you and I am totally amused to see we are having donkey dick wars upon your return. This is just fuckin' fabulous!!! Good Job! Tracii - try suckin on that green thing a little harder - It gets easier with time girlfriend.
10:52 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Tracii makes a good point.
I am thinking about starting a moving company called Batshit Crazy and it's evident that your bloggery will lead my customers to expect me to provide complimentary green donkey dicks along with the other services I offer.

..Then what??

(welcome back!)
7:00 PM
Blogger phryGIAN said...
way to go Lickety Split Cleaning Service! Keepin it RULL clean
: ]
10:44 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2012

okay yeah, So What?...sometimes i take soft pornish pix of myself

but DOES THERE HAVE TO BE A DEMON BEHIND ME WHEN I DO????? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!! i keep telling myself i'm not gonna let this get me down but, COME On! it's insidious! and i'll tell you what...i think i look native american and a little bit drunk and my tongue looks really long & everything but - i am IN that room where that demonesque eye-baller in the corner was captured on digital(?) camera phone for all posterity!!! seriously wtf???!?!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i think

it's verrrry cool that i have a blogspot account and a tumblr account. goddess Bless the internetz.  i have THREEEEE followers on my tumblr and 1 of them is my daughter. on this very lickety split cleaning service blog i have 5 followers! WHO the fuck they are i have no idea except for heartful &  1 of my "followers" is my own son, yes...i'm usually the one behind the times electronically but the fruits of my womb followed my lead into actual blogging which i've been doing for SIX years now...woo hoo.
anywhooo i seriously heart blogging. Blog BLOG Blog blog. i hope i never stop.

i keep seeing things!

and it's not the drugs! it's not my imagination, right? other people see it, too. this time. it's obvious and BEAUTIFUL but kinda scary

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

if you look at the bottom right corner than go up midway, can you (Please) tell me what you see?? anyone? i don't even care if it's anonymous

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday, September 01, 2012

i love making rice pudding for my children.. and  that my daughter thinks it's delicious enuf to eat with a serving spoon

Groooovy Apartment Life in SLO, Calif.

boy says peace Now

it's been a while since i've really written anything worth writing but i still wanna do it. it's been a while since i purged my heart out. it's been a while since i've hugged my son who lives in Germany long as his passport holds out. it's been a while since i put on a shit ton of make-up. it's been a while since i've eaten at a Really Nice restaurant. it's been a while since i read any other blogs on blogspot other than mine & G.'s.

more to come. it's been a while since i've felt this was important to do.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a measure of my emotional strength

i just made it thru Johnny Cash's 'Would You Lay With Me' ALL THE WAY THRU without crying!! Ha! i sang the whole damn song...especially the "...wipe the blood away from my dying hand....."  part and didn't break down like i Always do. which means i can measure just how strong i've gotten in the last three years or so....i gauge my okayness on the eviction date stamp and the restraining order that is about to expire.

NOT too shabby.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

On the 4th of July my dear friend Vikki's spirit visited me.

DRUNK. like she always was. Pop-pops & i went to his Favourite Fav. Pizza place. it's the Star Wars arcade game that draws us back - plus they have a legit yum salad bar and i've learned to love beets because of this restaurant/Pizza Parlour....anywhooo  he had his little handful of quarters and here comes the spirit of Vikki in a red white & blue tie dye tank top... asks me if that was my kid...then gives him a big handful of quarters...she gave it to me to give to him. i thought wow(!) how nice,  then she came back and gave me around six dollars more In quarters and a few dimes - she was in a hurry,  drunkenly said she wouldn't be able to use them (???)... then she suddenly left. Vikki totally would have done something like that for my kid. She was kind, generous to a fault, always smiling and always loaded. She  laughed the most out of anybody i've ever known because she genuinely FOUND things to be funny. also she used her laughter to cover her insecurities. Vikki is heavy on my mind and since it was just the 4th of July yesterday and it involves the American Flag: i think it is totally fitting that i should tell you one of the more harrowing yet hilarious stories Vikki ever told me about herself. Not only was Vikki a raging alcholic (since we were sophomores in high school maybe sooner)  she also had wanderlust and a bad drug habit. Whatever drug. She'd tried it, used it then probably abused it....she said the WORST addiction was cigarettes as far as cravings, but i think alcohol was her worst: Magnum Beer/malt liquor, and towards the end Schnapps...Vikki was most tragically a single mother, she had a little boy. And when he was a baby she found herself in Colorado in the winter w/a fucked up boyfriend she needed to get away from so she decided to hitchhike. Big Mistake (duh!) she got in the car with a criminal...he had drugs in the trunk and he raped her. this is the chillingest part of my love and admiration for her: she said,  "it was no big deal, i was just worried about my kid." so she ran from this guy and ended up in a strange town in the freezing cold winter with her baby boy. she broke into a men's club, like the elk's or moose lodge....and since she had nothing on her she had to wrap her little baby boy in their american flag!! later after she had warmed up, her boy snug wrapped up in red white & blue, she walked around the neighborhood and knocked on doors because she neeeeeeded a cigarette (which was why she thought cigarettes were the most addictive things ever)She got herself into some very sketchy situations but she was Street Smart enuf to get herself out of them. Vikki was wildly daredevilish and brave. 
God Love Her! she was my best my most drunk, loveliest friend who died of consumption in her late thirties. 
She was a good mother and an angry daughter and a blast/trip!! Happy Fourth of July Vikki! I love you, girl!! 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

all three of my kids sometime this year.

fuck me running!! i CANNOT believe my luck with these offsprings of mine!! they are ( first of all ) - kind hearted and polite (the littlest one needs to work on his wild. we Both do) second of all - all three are verry pretty to look at...Healthy as horses w/their beautifully  healthy bodies that are carrying them thru their sweet happy lives. One of them is off learning languages and travelling the world, one is working hard & makin' Big tips, also: learning she Is where's she's supposed to be. me & Pop-pops are thick as theives right now which is excellent.
  Collectively AWEsome as fuck that they all came outta me!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Yo! Girl of Approval, i lit a candle for your man. i've been reading all that you've been writing on that caring bridge of his and it is HEARTBREAKING. good for you for writing it all out so that peeps can know what you are going thru. sending good healing angels and vibes and all that i can muster your guys' way!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

TOO much groceries is makin' me FAT

all these are

copied offa my tumblr account.  and by fat i mean phat. even though that's not a very hip/"with it" word right now -  i'm pretty much very phat. and by groceries i mean cool/interesting things to look at.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AT LEAST i just got FUCKED Up the EAR by tumblr~!!!!

so i haven't quite figured tumblr Out's all about re-blogging what you think is cool and following other people right?(confusingly, someone decided to follow me even tho i don't know where i'm goin'). i don't even know what i'm doing on that tumblr account of mine, i'm a rule breaker, i think cuz i copy and paste and apropriate all willy nilly when some people on tumblr are all offended by that but fuck it- i'm just being a looky loo copycat. and i've got that one follower who's got a cool name: aestheticallyvigilant...anywhooo  it's important to add this: my fucken dino desktop soundcard is DEAD. no headphones no speakers no nuthin' it sucks when there's a tumblr post of a song i want to listen to. Luckily that's a total fucken 1st world prob & i have a lil decrepit netbook with a duct taped cord taped into the port at a certain angle - the sound on it works, which is all that really matters... to make a long random story short (or even longer, who knows) -  i love the copy & paste/here's a tumblr paragraph that was bugging me..(which led to a sound glitch electronic HONK that turned my hearing inside out for a minute) please listen to the song because i cannot! - ever since (fuck a duck) my decrepit netbook  Froze and i had to pull the plug.

The first time I ever heard this song I was riding in a car with this girl I didn’t know very well and it was super awkward and quiet and then this song came on and I didn’t know at all what it was but I hated it and then the girl driving the car started softly whispering the lyrics to it with this extremely serious poker face on and then slowly she got louder and louder and it was so horribly awkward and uncomfortable because she was just sitting there singing this like it was her message to the world or something and I just sat there praying that the song would end but it didn’t for what felt like eternity because this song is frickin 7 minutes long or something so I just sat there gripping the seat as she basically cried along with the lyrics and eventually it ended and the rest of the car ride was in silence as she stared steadily ahead as if that epic power ballad had never occurred and I was like wow that was uncomfortable and then days went by and they turned into weeks and I found that I just couldn’t get this frickin’ song out of my head, like everywhere I went I’d hear the girl’s voice softly whimpering out the lyrics and it drove me mad to the point where I went and downloaded it and then I listened to it through thinking yes this will rid me of this cursed song but it was still there and so I listened to it again and again and again and then suddenly after my 49th play I realized it wasn’t so bad and I actually started to like it and by the 340th play I was madly in love with this song and I found myself playing it around the house and on my ipod and whenever I ride with someone in my car I’ll play it and before I know it I’ll start softly whispering the lyrics, my extremely serious poker face on….

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Poppity Pops turned motherfucken SEVEN years old already!

Spoke toooo soon. i totally made the team!

why do i always gotta doubt myself first? bad habit. also not blogging in forever is a bad habit. Now i gotta be all bragdocious about the theater company i been keeping and fill you in on ALL  KINDSA Truth & Beauty! We were in an original Chumash Indian play performed for Tribal Elders and learned Indian songs!! Pretty amazing historical experience! .Pop-pops made his stage debut and got to wear Chumash Regalia, i was the narrator who was also the great great great great great granddaughter of Maria Solares (that's her pictured above)
who kinda single handedly preserved her peoples culture... it was super lovely live theatrical to be in this play with my kid. A friend from high school wrote it... so it was absolutely like an afterschool special about believing in your dreams and believing in yourself & shit!! mounting an original work all professional w/professional peeps is Wonderful. also: one of my monologues got picked for a "mono-slam" in North Hollywood so i went there and performed it and didn't win but man Those lights were bright HOT in that seeedy lil theatre and i Loved struttin' my stuff!  I am now up to Bus Lady #7 at The No Shame Theatre here in SLO. It is soooo much easier getting a laugh in SLO than it is to get a laugh in NoHo.... So yeah....Yeah YEAH yeah. I made the Thespian Team.

(aand scene)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

THOUGHT for the day(s)

i have GOT to step up my game!!!! (only i didn't make The Team)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Kinda PISSED Off About MY Blog!!!!

i don't know how this happened but i've been lookin' at some old posts that some peeps on the feedjit live thingamabob have been looking at....some of MY words have been all highLit and put on some bullshit powertext linking thing! i never authorized this!! it's distracting. it's an INvasion!! WHO said this can be done?? WHO did it?? WTF????

Saturday, February 04, 2012

i have become a Morgan Freemanist

i have totally opened myself up to his teachings. i listen to him carefully. i want to find out about his life and philosophy.. then copy his ways and try to be just  like him. i'm verrry inspired!! i love him. love the way he talks. the way he acts and especially how cool he looks in shades. he keeps appearing to me good guidance/advice. so i've been listening pretty intently. watching 'Driving Miss Daisy' as if he's driving me safely to church where i listen to his gospel, Believe if  i apply it to myself - my life will be
soooo much better. i feel like i've actually known Morgan Freeman for a really long time ever since i watched Shawshank Redemption so many times. i'm not newly converted/crazy about him but i kinda am because of a special on the Oprah Winfrey channel in which he said he was so broke he was surviving on stale donuts and unemployment checks. humble beginnings always Get me where it counts. i'm always humble beginning stuff. anyway. i'm All into him...and just wanted to document that here on my blog.

Morgan Freeman called and he's asking for me...
by Changapeluda