Monday, February 11, 2013

“I wonder if Plath would have been saved had she been born in a different time: in a time when psycho-pharmacologists are no more shameful to visit than hairdressers and women write celebrated personal essays about being bad mothers and cutters and are reclaiming the word slut. Would she have been a riot grrrl, embracing an angry feminist aesthetic? Addicted to Xanax? A blogger for Slate?”
— Lena Dunham on Sylvia Plath, who took her own life on this day in 1963 and whose relationship with life and death was quicksand of existence. 
#Sylvia Plath #Lena Dunham

i dunno...i think once ur doomed to be a lovely poet and die young but leave amazing literary shit behind - u just are, no matter what era ur born in

Sunday, February 03, 2013

sometimes i get so lonely that i get all dolled up and then i end up visually making out with my ownself - in my own's fun and i like it. i'm a good kisser in make believe and in real life! i mostly like my eyebrows in this one..they don't always look so purdy...the older i get the more salvador dali my eyebrows become!