Monday, May 21, 2012

My Poppity Pops turned motherfucken SEVEN years old already!

Spoke toooo soon. i totally made the team!

why do i always gotta doubt myself first? bad habit. also not blogging in forever is a bad habit. Now i gotta be all bragdocious about the theater company i been keeping and fill you in on ALL  KINDSA Truth & Beauty! We were in an original Chumash Indian play performed for Tribal Elders and learned Indian songs!! Pretty amazing historical experience! .Pop-pops made his stage debut and got to wear Chumash Regalia, i was the narrator who was also the great great great great great granddaughter of Maria Solares (that's her pictured above)
who kinda single handedly preserved her peoples culture... it was super lovely live theatrical to be in this play with my kid. A friend from high school wrote it... so it was absolutely like an afterschool special about believing in your dreams and believing in yourself & shit!! mounting an original work all professional w/professional peeps is Wonderful. also: one of my monologues got picked for a "mono-slam" in North Hollywood so i went there and performed it and didn't win but man Those lights were bright HOT in that seeedy lil theatre and i Loved struttin' my stuff!  I am now up to Bus Lady #7 at The No Shame Theatre here in SLO. It is soooo much easier getting a laugh in SLO than it is to get a laugh in NoHo.... So yeah....Yeah YEAH yeah. I made the Thespian Team.

(aand scene)