Friday, August 29, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Dilemna :Either i have too much artsy & not enough fartsy

oh the angels that keep finding me!

i heart orange dye.

i have been Yearning to make a prayer rug because i been needing to pray a lot. Pop-pops likes to help me. It is very appreciated when it's not my un-doing.

G. is my knight in shining armour! and actually stayed up Late w/me during a brief visit. We artsy fartsied to our hearts content and only stopped because our eyes were tooo droooopy to see.

i don't know what the hell i'm gonna do with that big ass saw blade.

it looks like a deathcap mushroom in a Madmax kinda way.

also: my coccoon should have metamorphed by now.

i'm obviously stumped - WTF? am i gonna do with

Soo too much fartsy & not enough artsy? Other than the HIGH Art of procrastination. I got me too, too, too, too, too, too many projects started in the Artsy Fartnacular area of my life....

Not one of them Finished. See how i am??

Thursday, August 28, 2008

productive or lazy: Saturdays at 4 i stop what i'm doin'

so i can lay all up in my bed and watch Star Trek. In this episode, that magical groovy blob on top was All In LOVE with the beautiful man from the '70's ( & who can blame her, he's gorgeous and wholesome w/lovely blue eyes)Oh! how she would envelope him in her fantastical pink and yellow goodness - it looked like it felt Good. For him especially as it kept him young. Kirk and Dr. Spock w/his amazing gadget that tells him Everything there is to know about Anything in the whole universe - discovered that the electric blob's boytoy was a scientist who was in actuality 104 years old. She had been keepin him there for her own personal pleasure and was, in fact, a little too attached. And She Was Not gonna let Mr. Handsome get beamed up, neither; oh hell no! He was her man & she thought they had a good thing going on. So of course, that asshole Kirk decides they're gonna smoke her - only she fought back and knocked them on their asses....hmmph serves them right.
This show just does something for me. I love it when they have 10 foot cavemen that throw big spears and grunt at the minor characters....And there's almost always some perky blonde girl with a complicated up-do and sparkly eyeshadow or those sexy green wicked women w/very dated bellydancin' moves. For some reason i always feel amusedly smarter when the hour is up. Most of the time i get the moral of the story and sometimes tend to disagree. Why they gotta be so surly and smug?? Mostly though, i really do appreciate this show cuz it makes me think. What are your thoughts? (Hobson....)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Magical Pizza

brought to you/blessed by Tortilla Mary oh yummy, this; A horrid little maybe medium sized(but it says large on the box) pizza pie. Exactly what you would expect from a frozen food that cost $4.99...popped it in the oven and i Almost burnt it. It got rescued in time for it to be all soft on top but slightly crunchy on the bottom w/deep golden brown cheesey delicious crust...I sliced that pizza pie Up and served it to my mom and Pop-pops as they were chillaxin' on the couch watching "Brother Bear" for the 2nd time. Nana and son outta my hair/together time. Yes. Oh you shoulda seen their faces when i served it up (with kind of a flourish/balanced above my head like all those italian guys in cartoons). I love that feeling of affluence & tend to revel in it's sneaky Goodness....all for $4.99. What a Bargain i am.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When i wasn't Lookin'

apparently i was Not paying attention because:
i feel like these things snuck up on me.
When did my damn nose get Loooonger (!)? Isn't it true that your ears and your nose get bigger as you get older? Well Jesus Hernandez Christ/Sangre de Dios, i honestly didn't think i was that old.
The good news (yes!)is my eyelashes grew back completely from their
chopped off nubbyness. Oh, how i remember that day, how hard i took it that my lashes got Hacked Off....i mourned their loss then promptly forgot to care... 'til one day - why, they grew back very nicely thank you, to their normal length. I may be vapid but Eyelashes are a big deal! To my Face especially...So is my honker! Is it me or is the tip of my schnozz getting flatter?! Is it changing shape (kinda platypus-like) ugh! will it split and look like a chin cleft cuz i could kinda see it already headed that way - shit, at this rate i could look like Karl Malden by the time i'm fifty. That's not going be very pretty. Look how sad i am about it....Pobrecita Changa narisona - my nose! it's only gonna get heftier. Cleftier....okay i'll stop.

Vanity thy name is Changa....

a random & slightly amusing end to this Peluda Post:

....the palm tree in front of St. Joseph's Catholic Church here in Nipas:
all of a sudden & to my surprise;

grew itself some big hairy balls.

Women of a Certain Age should not wear Ponytails

I'm just glad i don't know or care what that age is....Oh my goodsnakes, i look like my aunt Big Josie in this picture. She's my mom's oldest sister and she is Fierce. She does Not take shit from NObody....She's the tamalera and it's at her house that all the tamales get made. She's very earthy and generous & she can yell at the top of her lungs - loud & passionate - like her life (and yours)depended on it. Big Josie's house is always full of all kinds of Mexicans. From Oaxaca, MexiCali, Watsonville...she has taken in so many families and helped them until they could afford a place of their own. Hard working people that brought home fresh fresh vegetables and treated her like a queen. She's a big boned woman with large capable hands. She's an accomplished flirt, too. Coquetta. Glamorous, with big red lips and a smoky voice, scratchy (from All that yelling). She's my favourite cousin Little Josie's mom.... the reason i remind myself of her in this particular picture is because Big Josie is almost always in some kind of domestic motion. Serving delicious food, wiping counters, making we have the same strong nose. Big Josie is one of those latinas that make me all proud to be one. Mexcentric & phat, am i. So that blade i am lovingly tending to - came off of this ginourmous tree splitter that my cousin (the same one who had those '28 Model A rims) tried to snag ...but i got very angry watching him thru the window. He backed up into the yard w/his truck and trailer even a damn winch to take Yet more antiques/scrap metal or just Whatever he happened to think was cool. I was pacing back and forth - now this is gonna sound crazy but i opened up my blogger account and started to Blog Furiously about it. And that somehow helped me to decide not to put up with his shenanigans...I was just going to let him take's just stuff...but then during my furious typing, I thought how would he like it if i pulled up in his yard and just started taking whatever the hell i wanted...So i read what i wrote - something about how visceral this whole chingadero was and how strongly i felt about it...i put on some sunglasses and some lipstick and went out there and said my piece. I told him he probably hated it that i was home when he came to the yard to take stuff. He came back with if he didn't come and get it then somebody else would. We ended it with me saying that he had already gotten soooo much valuable stuff from here. My dad's monster van, my brother's beat up but still valid blazer, whatever big ass car part he wanted he took....I felt like saying, Get the fuck outta here and take your beady eyed greedy grabber buddy with you. His friend did NOT want to give it up, but between my mom and I - we got that blade. I think it's beautiful and i haven't quite decided what i want to do with it other than wash it and bring it in the house to gaze at in safekeeping. I'm kinda proud of me for sticking up for myself. I usually don't. Maybe one day i can be half as fierce as my mother's sister, Big Josie herself: That would be cool.

Monday, August 18, 2008

See you there! You Zulu Warrior! See you there! You Indian Chief!

and the little indians chant Chief! Chief Chief Chief! i tell them to keep on chanting as i sing:
I come a Zimba Zimba Ziyah
I come a Zimba Zimba Zeeeee
(i repeat this as many times as it's fun before the indians get outta control shouting)
& i pick up the melody:
Seeeeee you there you Zulu Warrior (the indians still chanting Chief, are usually compelled to do some crazy rain dance)
Seeeeeee you there, you Indian Chief, chief CHIEF....

Early morning Artsy Fartsy with my Pajama Tribe of DewBug Daycare....two of our biologicals...
Gibbers and Pop-pops wear their headdress proudly.

Monday, August 11, 2008

We've been travelin' lite

Mi Familia has been on the Go....From Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Happy and her Boy Posse needed a ride to a Reggae Concert at the SB County Bowl....and G. needed to move as his lease is up and it was time to Move On to a better San Francisco living situation. I think this time he'll stay. It's a cool household on Mission he's moving to and there will be a more in Depth post on a Co-Op(!) just how bitchen it all really is....I just like traveling so I was happy to do it. So let's start off with Santa Barbara, shall we? I dropped off the concertgoers and we headed to State Street.

The concert was 4 and half hours long so Pop-pops and I had plenty of time to amuse ourselves . We really got into enjoying the flora and fauna/public art and statues...Of course Pop-pops had to touch the small animal statues (can you blame him?) then he went so far as to grapple with this one sculpture

while i made out with this guy.....

We stayed on this street: Anapamu....i think it's Chumash for Park Here (thus you won't get lost)on your way to and from the Santa Barbara County Bowl. The Chumash Indians were very wise hunter gatherers that lived on our Central Coast and now they own a

Big Ass Casino in Santa Ynez...

We also played on the lush lawn and in the gorgeous trees...

And when the evening started getting late and balmy lil SB city street roamer and i strolled hand in hand (although his was verry squirmy and he preferred me to hold his Whole Body as opposed to just his hand)we passed by romantic dinings and some little bit of live music (some white guy singing "Stand by Me") we were glad that the concert at the bowl was finally almost over so that we could head up Anapamu - our street of the day that somehow became our friend and playmate. It was a good day we had. I like to think we all enjoyed it to the fullest.

Couldn't get the right angle/romantic feel i wanted

PDA's involving a statue are not only perverse and's hard to get a good picture of yourself doin' it! I think it's awesome/funny that it looks like the statue is taking the shot.
He was really into me.

Santa Barbara is so Spanish and Expensive

as a poor Mexican from Nipomo - i am rich enough to dream i can afford it. Como que no?

I get all puffed up and flufffy when i get to SF

Like a big fat mother hen.

I LOVE CITY LIGHT's BOOKS. I've wanted to marry Lawrence Ferlinghetti since i was
16 yrs old and heard him read his poetry in Santa Barbara (!) in a nice coincidental travelin' zippity doo.

i'm pretty sure it is totally illegal to snap pix of the insides of their merchandise but i got a nice big book of puro Billie Holiday off the shelf and opened it almost immediately to this picture. She was feelin' it and you can't see them but there are tears welling up in her eyes. I feeeel like that...a Lot. On this trip - i felt just like Billie; Especially when it came time to leave. But, oh we had fun while we were there! I get kinda fluffy just thinkin' about it.

San FRANCISCO!!! ( i don't mean Frisco)

Happy & G. are a very satisfactory brother sister set, if i do say so meself....The San Franciscan moves/visits keep getting better and better This time the trip to Chinatown was so much happier than Any i've ever taken there before. It was way impressive that G. knows his way around. Very Handy when it comes to ducking thru

this alley to get to City Lights Books....

Haeeaeyy! (fuck it, i can't spell it like i want to)

Look at G. he's all supporting his own self in this big city and if he looks a little perplexed it's because he is. Oh how i luv it that he's making it just the same. This kid knows what he's doing. He knows where he wants to go and more importantly he knows how to get there.