Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fellow Bloggers, Grincheluda has left the building

Is the coast clear? Is Santa gone? Ugh, Argh! oh how I Suck at Christmas. Who woulda thunk? Family, food, gifts, twinkly lights, reindeer with unusual appendages...catchy tunes. Christmas would seem to be right up my alley, only: Bah Humfucker bug, It is Not. I would rather go to the beach and skip the whole thing. I would rather not haul out the expansive collection of both high dollar and dollar store ornaments (also ratty old home-mades from the third grade). I would rather not have a tizzy when Happy has a tizzy because her little boyfriend's mom And sister got her gifts and expect her to come over for a gift exchange when we didn't get them anything. I prefer not to argue with my mother about getting a damn tree. I would rather not spend last minute exorbitant traveling costs so that G. (that smart, smart boy) can make a quick getaway to Hot Springs, Arkansas of all places. I would rather not chase and shreeeeek at poor Pop-pops because he wants to fondle the breakable X-mas crap....I would rather not Not NOT! But ya know what? I did. All of it. The whole schmorgie. Thank you, Jesus. Thanks alot.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red Red Wine Goes To My Head

A bottle of vino. All of it. In my art studio. I got to feelin' sooo good, I made out with Myself! Usually people apologize for the glare but I left in to give ya'll a flashy feeling.

My baby girl turns 15 only once. After the parade and Happy was on her way to Disneyland (!) w/the little boyfriend & family(his b-day is soon), Pop-pops was konked and G. was at rehearsal...I commenced to celebrating good times. Happy! We started off her day @ 6:30am w/Mananitas sung in her room by Nana, G. & me....Estas son las Mananitas....muchachas bonitas, the whole enchilada. She shot outta bed to open presents which included new pj's, gold jewelery, make-up brushes and greeeeen eyes shadow, Tinkerbell diary & pen set action...a teeny tiny purse for her cellie. My mom made her some very bitchen pin-up girl curtains...then during the course of the day: 2 birthday cakes...Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach, a walk on the pier, a parade, then her dad picked her up to shower her with his side of the family's gift cards, cash and a video Ipod. So I'd say the trip to Disneyland was in excess of being Happy. But, that's just how we roll.