Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We got a new Bustop

DewBug Daycare also provides shuttle service & picks up a kid close to Nipomo so we ride the bus and meet the Daycare Van where it hops on the freeway. The new stop is at a place called Windmill Farms - the best bustop a mom and her country boy could ever wish for! They have livestock for sale so we get to consort with roosters, geese, a goat, her 2 kids, and a couple of miniature burros. Plus i dig all the old wagonry. This sign reminds me what every day is full of....heh heh

Our Love Affair with public transport continues. Including our share of bumps in the road and grumpy drivers. The best thing about the bus is that we can Sit Wherever we want. Take my lap, for instance. It's a dangerously Freeee feeling we get. Even with the 75 cent fee hike that the Bitchy bus driver demanded from me on the Usually Freee (oh how i luv that sentiment) transfer with it's little yellow transfer ticket. She asked me for Seventy five cents ...all firm and no nonsense. I had Pop-pops by one hand the stroller in my other and my wallet is in my backpack so i asked if i could bring it back up to her after she rudely pointed to the sign that boldly announced the rate increase....news to me so i told her i didn't know nothin about no fee hike. Huh, she barely let me sit down & there i go scrounging in my whole backpack finding only fifty cents and i had dollar bills....so i look up at her face in the big long busdriver mirror, my arm deep in my pack and she's watching me like a hawk. We were at a red light and i was just getting ready to give her a dollar when she crabbily tells me, "Ma'am? I'm still waiting." I wish i would have thought right then (instead of 10 min. later) to say, "Ummm you're gonna have to stay waiting because i'm still lookin for a fricken quarter, Bitch. " i'm just a tad hypersensitive like that.
So now it's 2 bux instead of just a dollar twenty five. Still a glorious bargain considering the crazy ass gas prices....And it is such a nice drive.

This is our View. from each side of the 101 freeway right by Shell and Pismo Beach. I really do love the bus. Even though i feel kinda like a homeless transient waiting at the Park & Ride (for the trip back to Nipomo). It's on a frontage road right off a highway entrance. After dusk, it's a Dangerous location for a squirmy little kid so Pop-pops is on strict lockdown in the strollie. I personally think it's a stupid and creepy place for a major bustop. But that's just my 75 cents worth. We manage to get home safe and sound.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Let me root root root for the Home Team!

We been goin' out to the ballgame! I gotta buy us some peanuts and crackerjax fer sure this time (later today there's a 4 o'clock game). Last week Happy invited us to a Nipomo High softball game so we could Cheer her buddy Courtney ON! And boy, do we. "Go, Courtney! Go Courtney!! GO!!" Pop-pops gets a little confused and asks "where Cortiney going? Over there??" awww Corny as hell, i know but he's so hugely adorable to me, i even get all proud when he points where he thinks Courtney's gonna "GO!" with his two cute fingers instead of just one pointer like any normal kid. My favourite thing @ these games is not so much to Yell as call out loudly so she can hear, "Atta Girl, Courtney".

She's usually giggly and mild mannered but when she pitches, WoW! It's explosive and powerful FASTPITCH softball. We had ourselves a blast. Who knew Poppity would sit on our laps for the Whole Game and be All Into It?!? Really pleasant surprises abound. One such pleasantry: Courtney's dad, with good old fashioned chivalry, let me sit in his comfy fold-up camping/recliner chair with the cupholders. Also; it Really is exciting - Someone almost got Beaned(!) as they were casually Leaning in the Sun against the other team's dugout. The Poor mom, she reacted Very quickly to that foul ball (duck!)but it took her a while to stumble backwards and fall on her butt. Good thing She thought it was funny, too. Also delightful:
the cadence calling out Engagingly from the dugout.
"Way to go Babe! Way to get a piece of the action!!"

"Good Eye, way to watch it way to watch it!"

"Good Job Ladies! Good hussle!"

They also call out each other's team number in a sing song way that just makes me smile. It just sounds so hopeful and i'm a sap for stuff like that. I get a little tingle of happiness and feel so American and besides we really do heart Courtney. Go! Courtney, Go!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm so vain, I probably think this song is about Me.

So i have to curl my eyelashes because they are Very straight. I use one of them archaic lookin' lash torture chambers curlers....I tightly squeeze my straight ass lashes into this mechanism before i apply my mascara and am usually quite pleased with my big lashy look....only NOT THE OTHER DAY!!....when the dumb fucker bitch lash curler CUT my Eyelashes OFF! Some of them on the one eye ALL THE WAY up to my EYELID!!!

I'm still in shock. I don't know how it happened, i'm kinda scared to examine the curler because i am still horrified. When i told Happy about it, i was laughing in hysterics and she actually thought it was FUNNY! (so did i, but funny like a crazy smeared lipstick all over my face crazy woman funny - not ha ha funny) I told her to STOP Laughing, and that she would be crying if this had happened to her. She said i was Right! And giggled some more as she told me she definitely would be crying if her lashes got clipped off at the nub. Then Happy my sweet girl went in her room and brought me out two(!) false eyelash kits that i bought her for Halloween. I love Happy. She's my best girl. And, like i said before I am so glad Hair grows. Plus: it only hurts when i look closely in the mirror.

Here i am crying over my lost beauty. ChangaPelona

and here i am because i may have lost my come hither looks - with a bat of my eyelashes anyway - but i still gots my sense of humour!

Sometimes i feel a little bit like Imogene Coca. I'm funny like that. Funny ha ha....