Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Voila! My Lovely Banner made a re-appearing act!

Thanks to the kind & lovely BohoGirl who arranged the artwork Before...i am taking this lovely combo of my favourite babydaddy's artwork, my desire to have Something as it was and BohoGirl's magical services as a visual prompt. May things stop goin' over like a turd in the punchbowl - so to speak and may Gooood things start happenin' around here!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

We get to Park back in Nipomo where it's sunny

suddenly sometimes i feel like we be livin' in a higher tax bracket! my kid is so happy - eatin' watermelon in our motorbus as we contemplate mozyin' to the BEACH for Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

(this is what it was like) Livin' in the Projects

where i learned two things: if there's a lock on your bedroom door, Lock it!
and it's a good idea when living in the projects to sleep with your purse.

Movin' the fuck ON

& now we live in the 3rd Gypsy wagon down! so there

Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009



without a home is a lot harder than i thought it would be. With a four year old boy and a 12 year old dog; it's not as lonely as it could be. why i feel like i'm in this alone is my own personal problem, for sure. because it is totally not just me. happy isn't at home (hopefully yet) where she lives and my mother is Away from home. G. can't come Home - for x-mas time or any other..but mostly, at first - being without a home (only because homeless sounds sooo fucking pathetic)meant:
sitting outside
A Lot.

Friday, November 20, 2009


This one goes out to my sister Monica, who once had to be rushed to the emergency room because she jammed an olive pit up her nose sooo far, it had to be removed by professionalz.
Thank you, Monie for taking care of our mother because if it wasn't for you she'd have to live under the motherfucken Santa Maria Bridge. I love you, favourite sister of mine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So i had me a hankering

Happy is using my old Pentax camera from high school! that is sentimentally all meaningful & shit!! We went to Avila Beach last friday, on my Mother's 72nd birthday (she's spending it w/my sister in Arkansas).
Here in Cali - A lovely sunsetting was had by all....
So i've had these pix uploaded and i wanted to gaze upon my babies on a monitor screen. i wanted to put them side by side..
I wanted to, so i did.
and now i'm reveling in the Fact that i can Do whatever the fuck i want.

Monday, November 09, 2009

HELLO again BlogWorld, here i am....

and even though we're homeless (wtf?!?)

some things still remain the same:
We still Love the bus!, The Bus, THE BUS....

Happy still loves and uses her Polaroids

and G....well G. keeps himself aloft by his smarts and Power (as per usual)

and me?
Art is keeeeepin' me alive and well.....

and since being without a home is Messy as fuck and crazily so, i've come back to you, Dear Bloggers - to come clean and let it all hang out.....

you guys still wanna Hang Out with me????
LicketySplit Cleaning Service is alive and well and OPEN for business

Sunday, May 24, 2009

taking a break from the batshit crazy job that is packin'

because packing, to be honest - SUCKS the Big Greeen Donkey Dick, for sure! it's goddam Overwhelming me. So i'll stop for a little minute - to do something
Therapeutic and Fun

remember that Other Blog i started w/the hellish best of intentions to SELL my shit because i had just found out my brother & horrid sister-in-law fucked us over to buy their house so mortgaged out this one (established/completely Paid Off since 1943 omg!Nineteen Forty fucken Three!)- then as you know if you keep up with this twisty saga - wanted my mom and i to pay back their loan and/or sell it and consequently kick us out on the street???
Oh, i had me a Grand Scheme back then - so i set up this whole other blog called Lickety Split Rescue Aid Society....i love the play on words because it holds a way deeper meaning for me now...money is Not gonna come to my rescue! i'm Horrible w/money....giving my brother all the money i made by e-baying myself out? Was Not going to come to our rescue....But do you know what did come to the rescue, more importantly than financially but emotionally
Yep, it was art.
So i am hereby dedicating that blog - by posting my collection of Polaroids new & old. As an added poignant bonus; Polaroids are almost extinct! In a timely manner, Happy and i are hoarding film and celebrating something we will soon lose

which is the way we been rollin' around here....

In the wee small hours of the morning

i'm tired but i can't sleep, i'm winding up a very packed day of packing, i'm sonsa/loopy from trying to decide what to put in the big ole boxes and What?! was i just doing??? where is the goddam packaging tape, i have toooo much weird art supply, we have too much junka junk to sort thru for one person and now i
can't think....

i mean: i can't think of a Better time to do my drawing thingamajigger!! woo hoo...okay - so i counted eight peeps....

that's a goodly amount, don't you think? 8 is great...and i got good ones, too... exactly the kindsa kind commentors w/just the right amount of coolness and variety. and now here we are together - havin' us a lil lickety split drawing party... i feel funkily festive about this whole chingadero...so!
the fabacious 8 are: (in the order that they appeared)
all of yous get put into a hat and VOILA!

aww man, i was gonna send one her way because she asked so nicely...i better pick out another one

awww man, what if they want to remain anonymous, i better pick out another one

awww man! this looks like it's rigged....
although i'm glad G. won. if he called me up and said he won some random wacky drawing from the blogosphere, i'd be stoked. It feels good to be a winner, even if this is a trifle silly...all in good fun - Congratulations & here are the results:
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners:

my e-mail address is
zoegirlpearl@yahoo.com...shoot me your address to claim your prize.
Well folks,
this was exciting for an old gal like me, and now i'm all poooped out. Thanks for playing, those who did....i'm off to Bedfordshire.

Friday, May 22, 2009

In the last few minutes of it - I want to wish the only brother i ever wished i ever had

This Lovely and Congratulatory Bowl of Beans

goes out to my scholastic two: Happy will be ending her senior year @ Nipomo High School w/a 4.0 gpa & a coupla unexpected scholarships (five and SIX hundred dollahs
we never even ASKED for in this economy)my girl - she's just that clever w/her visual artistry. Go, Happy!
G. took his last final of his sophomore university year & he totally aced it. Musically enuf, it was the ear training final and my G. has beautiful ears.

Meanwhile, back in the jungles of Nipomo, Changapeluda wants to Seduce somebody into a mad crusade

I want to seduce them into thinking i am way valuable and wildly intelligent. I want to seduce someone into going to the thrift store with me and spending the first hour on just the books. I want to seduce someone into driving me up north that really likes to travel down south. I want to seduce them into knowing i am the best kisser they have ever had. I want to seduce someone into keeping me around.

Then i want to cook them breakfast (something with honey & butter and lots of yummmm)
and then i want to seduce them some more. I want to seduce someone into thinking my art is magnificent to behold!
I want to seduce someone into carrying heavy things for me. I want to seduce someone into being on my side, no matter what. i want to seduce someone into helping me save my mother's legacy. I want to seduce someone into laying with me in a field of stone when the moon is full. I want to seduce someone into loving me forever~por vida....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some of the Strange Yard Treasures i'm moving to the side of the house

I save the weirdest shit. I can't help it. Oh well, at least i look like a big sturdy guy in this next picture!

and you know what? I am a big sturdy guy...a big sturdy guy you would totally ask to help you move. and who would be there. with bells on....
so Yeah, i also gotta move Zoe's house because Her's, (and my equity SUCKing brother's and his black hearted wet dogfart of a wife's house, too - don't forget) Did NOT GET FORECLOSED on! I am Movin' it on Outta here, La Casita de Zoe Pearl. only i don't even Know where....shit howdy this is the reality of it....jeez, where IS the nearest tent city?? I'm being very flippant, if you can't tell. That's just the kinda mood i'm in Plus, i got a place for us to stay. My cousin Little Josie said if worse comes to worse - i could stay with her. And Worse hasn't even come to worse, yet If at all....But mostly what i wanted to say (and show) with this post is that i am Strong...so strong that i could put that doghouse in the damn moving truck all by myself, if i had to. The roof is detachable.