Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i been headblogging

  1. & not electronically doing the deeeed. Today i took a buncha devil may care WET vibrant love pix in the rainsoaked streets of San Luis Obispo..i feel the need to share them w/whosoever shall remain coming to this ghost-town blog of mine. so Kinderpop-pops goes  half-day to a school 1.4 miles away from the apartment. rain or shine...on foot. i've got a few tricks up my sleeve when a five year old gets tired of main trick is bribery and 7/11 factors in quite a bit. we also do fun stuff like stash our vitamin water in weird squatty palm trees on the way there and pick it up on the way back. 
  2. why is this numbered?? strange things happen to blogger dashboard when you get outta the habit of sorta semi-regular sporadical blogging
  3. hmph!

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