Tuesday, October 23, 2012

when my blog pals got my back

The first comment is from Heartful and it's in regards to my return back to blogging after i had been homeless....the last post i wrote started out with how  moving sucked a big green donkey dick and it was drivng me batshit crazy. i was wondering if peeps were still even reading this blog anymore....so Heartful said:

"Of course! I keep coming back here every now and then to see if you're gonna start writing again. Glad you are.
1:38 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know that you are doing your own thing but could you stop putting foul language on or under your heading when someone searches for Lickety Split Cleaning because , my company is also named Lickety Split Cleaning & Property Preservation this type of work is very hard to keep going , especially when and all that stands out is suck donkey dick, Please represent cleaning if that is what you do ,i have not found anything cleaning about your site . if not maybe changing your name or subtracting the foul words . Thank you so Much Tracii
6:17 PM
Blogger changapeluda said...
all that stands out is Donkey Dick??


why you gotta be that way, tracii??

how about, i mind my own fucking business and you mind yours!

6:37 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
wait- tracii is sucking donkey dick??!!
maybe your work is hard to keep going cuz your so damn judgemental-
9:40 PM
Blogger the heartful blogger said...
Ever heard of freedom of speech Tracii? It ain't anybody's fault if all you can see is donkey dick sucking.
6:13 AM
Blogger La Sirena said...
Too bad, Tracii. She can call her blog whatever she wants using whatever words she wants.

Also, I looked up your company and Changapeluda had her blog named "Lickety Split Cleaning Service" before you had your company named "Lickety Split Cleaning & Property Preservation", so if a blog is coming up with a similiar name and that bothers you, maybe you should have done your research ahead of time and not used the name she already had.

Also, I think your customers should be able to figure this one out. Get over yourself.
6:53 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
HELLO HELLO - I have missed you and I am totally amused to see we are having donkey dick wars upon your return. This is just fuckin' fabulous!!! Good Job! Tracii - try suckin on that green thing a little harder - It gets easier with time girlfriend.
10:52 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Tracii makes a good point.
I am thinking about starting a moving company called Batshit Crazy and it's evident that your bloggery will lead my customers to expect me to provide complimentary green donkey dicks along with the other services I offer.

..Then what??

(welcome back!)
7:00 PM
Blogger phryGIAN said...
way to go Lickety Split Cleaning Service! Keepin it RULL clean
: ]
10:44 PM

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