Thursday, September 19, 2013

in an eco friendly attempt at loving mother earth i funride....for 30 bux a year i can rent a car for 7.50 an hour. my first hybrid

such a cool arrangement. in slo if the car is not at it's pod: the ceo gives you a RIDE. to the next available car. some peeps fuck up and rent the car for an hour but take longer. it happens. also do NOT go to Santa Maria in The Leaf (a silvery futuristic ride) You gotta plug that fucker in and there are NO places to re-charge it to get back to SLO. hahahaha. remember That G.?? we were taking our sweet ass time going all over the place, visiting bandrew and on the way back the car almost got DEADED

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phryGian said...

oh my god most stressful moment of my life ever.