Saturday, March 28, 2015


so we have to frogger a lot...we live off a main-ish street...a lovely duplex behind a bigger house & the kid have to "frogger" across because the streetlights are out of our way and someone smart told me that on a street like this you gotta consider every block a four way for darting out and gettin' on ur way...anyWhoo some asshole saw us froggering across one night, a vagrant lookin' dude, short w/a guitar in a gigbag strapped to his back...muttered at me "Not too smart with a kid." & just kept on trottin'  -  well that pissed me off! I know exactly when it's safe to walk or put a lil jog in it...i was pretty cheesed off at this opinionated stranger jerkbag &  i got all the way to the goddam store before i thought to say
WHO Asked you? 

& at the end of my well timed imaginary comeback, the kid piped up w/an
as an added imaginary Fuck Off

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