Thursday, March 30, 2017

all the shit a baby can hear en utero

i read to my kids While pregnant. Different books appealed to me...some fucken Magazines horrified me. LIFE magazine had a rites of passages around the world edition .... Happy is more visual as a result. G. read at a post college level in like 2nd grade & Pop-pops is a combo.
So as a result of my organic experience i recommend that every mother read to their babes Before they are born. The MOAR the better. The funnier the better. I got the belly laughs when i read some super funny pee my pants can't breathe from the giggles most notably  ..a Jenny McCarthy book w/ Barnes & Nobles.
my point is: moms can do FABULOUS thingz w/they childrens if they Really think about it. FROM the get-go.

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