Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Tadpole in My One Summer Squash Garden

I have the same delusions of grandeur as the next guy so maybe it's more just a plant in the big back yard. Only I weed it. And I rolled those eucalyptus stumps all the way from the front side yard (felt like a little kid, pretending I was on Survivor and kicking and rolling those stumps into submission :0) My mom's cousin owns a tree cutting business and talked her into letting him store cut up trees on the property. With a piece of shit promise that he would be back to split the wood and the profit with us....only he never came back. So we got blessed with all this wonderful cuts of gorgeous wood piled right out in the front. I love it. I've actually learned how to use a splitter and got all lumberjackey....it was fun! I enjoyed myself. Also I've gotten a lot of artsy-fartsy wood sculpture pieces and great cuts to paint on....all in all that big-ass woodpile has been good to us.

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