Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fellow Bloggers, Grincheluda has left the building

Is the coast clear? Is Santa gone? Ugh, Argh! oh how I Suck at Christmas. Who woulda thunk? Family, food, gifts, twinkly lights, reindeer with unusual appendages...catchy tunes. Christmas would seem to be right up my alley, only: Bah Humfucker bug, It is Not. I would rather go to the beach and skip the whole thing. I would rather not haul out the expansive collection of both high dollar and dollar store ornaments (also ratty old home-mades from the third grade). I would rather not have a tizzy when Happy has a tizzy because her little boyfriend's mom And sister got her gifts and expect her to come over for a gift exchange when we didn't get them anything. I prefer not to argue with my mother about getting a damn tree. I would rather not spend last minute exorbitant traveling costs so that G. (that smart, smart boy) can make a quick getaway to Hot Springs, Arkansas of all places. I would rather not chase and shreeeeek at poor Pop-pops because he wants to fondle the breakable X-mas crap....I would rather not Not NOT! But ya know what? I did. All of it. The whole schmorgie. Thank you, Jesus. Thanks alot.


Rebecca said...

Hot Springs, Ark really is a pretty cool town, even for those of us who live here!

Rebecca McCormick,
Executive Editor, Hot Springs Life & Home

changapeluda said...

Ha ha ha ha, don't I know it, don't I know it. My sister has lived in Hot Springs since 1979. I have an aunt that lives in Glenwood. G. went to H.S. High for his sophomore year. Loved it, which is why he chose Hot Springs as his get the f. outta Dodge destination.

knitsteel said...

Yikes, you did all that?

We should all go to Hot Springs and hang out in a hot spring bath and massage parlor.

Beta Fishy said...

Don't feel bad. You don't suck at Christmas - not anymore than the rest of us. At least you did not become a massive pouty baby. I did.

Girl of Approval said...

If you don't like it, don't do it. It's simple. :)

JMac said...

I feel ya on all that stuff. I think women should get to retreat after the holidays and actually have *ourselves* a holiday, for sure! at a springs, AK or whatever the heck we fancy!

mathew parkin said...

aww lol
it seems so worth it when you see the kids smiles for the five mins in the morning when they open there presents, and are so happy, and when you see your family for that one second when there all smiling and everythings nice.
but then the rest of the time you try to stay quite so you dont upset anyone, you buy all the wrong things. and if your unlucky you have to travel about!
next year for me it will be quiet, just me and dale and a small christmas tree haha
i bet you enjoyed it alittle bit!

xx xx xx

ps. my baby sister syd is just like pop pops, running around, calling all the decorations pretty before destroying them hehe