Monday, December 03, 2007

yeah, so i needed a LOT of this

Oh! for the love of power tools!

Yep. I needed extensive therapeutious of the artsy fartacular. As Miss Peggy Lee (con gusto) would Sing:

"you gotta have heart! miles and miles and miles of heart....
when the odds are sayin you'll never win, that's when a grin should start,

but First! You gotta have heart."

and the guys in the background sing..."Corazon! Corazon..."

This is just a little background action
for my cyberlove girlie: Miss Suziblu
herself. I sure hope she likes it and she doesn't mind that by handsew i meant safety pins. Lots of them. Ahhhhhh!
How i Love my Art as Therapy. I do, i do, I Do!


knitsteel said...

Sounds like you really did need some holiday art therapy

suzi blu said...

I GOT IT!!!!
so sweet of you. Its like having the sKy on my wall.

I like what youre doing with the power tools.
the big strong sturdy red heart.