Monday, December 03, 2007

A Headache and a half

i poisoned myself: Tylenol w/codeine and every coupla hours or so alternated 3 Advil liquid gel fast acters. It was a lot of OMG why is this happening Again (craptacular family fun)and my tooth hurt then i caught a dark yellow snotted flu cold bug of yucka and G. came home from college for the very first time. Plus one of my babydaddies moved to fricken Maui! Not Happy's Dad, he's my favourite and the best. Pop-pop's Papa up and sailed away to Hawaii, which is fine with me but kinda sad for poor fatherless 2 yr old.

Also my fucking computer is like a magnet for trojan thingamajiggers and it's sometimes cooperative and mostly not. This sucker is Old. It's been souped up & all but; alas, i think i've gotten as far as this old clunker Can go. I'll leave it up to my boozy computer guy to decide my cyberfate. Okay: Just so you know things did not Completely suck for the first holiday (gag) of the Season:

THE MUSIC CAME Back! As did my G. for which i was very happy.and grateful.
He made a giant cookie and warned us not to eat it. It was very flat and crunchy. I didn't have much of an appetite.For people i can't stand to be in the same room with, or for big turkey dinners and all the subsequent mushy leftovers. Okay i'm done bitching and boy it feels good to blog again!
Hello Out there. Sorry i can't sometimes comment...but sometimes i can. I also can't watch movies (sad)or upload pictures properly. I'm kinda like a deafmute.
Blind in one eye. Cyberwise that is.
So if you could please bear with the timeliness or lack thereof and thank you for not giving up on me. Okaybye. For now.


La Sirena said...

Sorry 'bout your head. My son's dad just decided it would be a great time to leave town for Atlanta for at least the whole winter and my teenager is very sad and failing a class.

Poor Pop-Pops.

One of these days, to the moon! I mean, men are kinda making themselves redundant.


Thanatos2424 said...

Wow. I'm glad you found time
to blog and put up embarassing
pictures of me.

and that was only KIND OF
sarcastic. In case you
couldn't tell

= ]

the heartful blogger said...

Good to see you back again. Love the pictures!!

Mathew Parkin said...

aww I hope you get better soon
at least g is back with the music!
xx xx xx