Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm so vain, I probably think this song is about Me.

So i have to curl my eyelashes because they are Very straight. I use one of them archaic lookin' lash torture chambers curlers....I tightly squeeze my straight ass lashes into this mechanism before i apply my mascara and am usually quite pleased with my big lashy look....only NOT THE OTHER DAY!!....when the dumb fucker bitch lash curler CUT my Eyelashes OFF! Some of them on the one eye ALL THE WAY up to my EYELID!!!

I'm still in shock. I don't know how it happened, i'm kinda scared to examine the curler because i am still horrified. When i told Happy about it, i was laughing in hysterics and she actually thought it was FUNNY! (so did i, but funny like a crazy smeared lipstick all over my face crazy woman funny - not ha ha funny) I told her to STOP Laughing, and that she would be crying if this had happened to her. She said i was Right! And giggled some more as she told me she definitely would be crying if her lashes got clipped off at the nub. Then Happy my sweet girl went in her room and brought me out two(!) false eyelash kits that i bought her for Halloween. I love Happy. She's my best girl. And, like i said before I am so glad Hair grows. Plus: it only hurts when i look closely in the mirror.

Here i am crying over my lost beauty. ChangaPelona

and here i am because i may have lost my come hither looks - with a bat of my eyelashes anyway - but i still gots my sense of humour!

Sometimes i feel a little bit like Imogene Coca. I'm funny like that. Funny ha ha....


knitsteel said...

Oh, I'd be crying too. You should make a hair angel now - to pray for speedy eyelash growth.

Thanatos2424 said...

Wow, Mom
these are some really good
pictures of you
I like the lighting
you can't even tell
you have nubby eyelashes
hee hee

super jive said...

Lookit you! Lovely.