Friday, March 07, 2008

Let me root root root for the Home Team!

We been goin' out to the ballgame! I gotta buy us some peanuts and crackerjax fer sure this time (later today there's a 4 o'clock game). Last week Happy invited us to a Nipomo High softball game so we could Cheer her buddy Courtney ON! And boy, do we. "Go, Courtney! Go Courtney!! GO!!" Pop-pops gets a little confused and asks "where Cortiney going? Over there??" awww Corny as hell, i know but he's so hugely adorable to me, i even get all proud when he points where he thinks Courtney's gonna "GO!" with his two cute fingers instead of just one pointer like any normal kid. My favourite thing @ these games is not so much to Yell as call out loudly so she can hear, "Atta Girl, Courtney".

She's usually giggly and mild mannered but when she pitches, WoW! It's explosive and powerful FASTPITCH softball. We had ourselves a blast. Who knew Poppity would sit on our laps for the Whole Game and be All Into It?!? Really pleasant surprises abound. One such pleasantry: Courtney's dad, with good old fashioned chivalry, let me sit in his comfy fold-up camping/recliner chair with the cupholders. Also; it Really is exciting - Someone almost got Beaned(!) as they were casually Leaning in the Sun against the other team's dugout. The Poor mom, she reacted Very quickly to that foul ball (duck!)but it took her a while to stumble backwards and fall on her butt. Good thing She thought it was funny, too. Also delightful:
the cadence calling out Engagingly from the dugout.
"Way to go Babe! Way to get a piece of the action!!"

"Good Eye, way to watch it way to watch it!"

"Good Job Ladies! Good hussle!"

They also call out each other's team number in a sing song way that just makes me smile. It just sounds so hopeful and i'm a sap for stuff like that. I get a little tingle of happiness and feel so American and besides we really do heart Courtney. Go! Courtney, Go!


Beta Fishy said...

Woo hoo! Baseball...Enjoy the game today. Courtney's little cheerleader looks too cute for words.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

I'm back, sweetheart, and thanks for being marvelous. You were my #1 commenter from the very beginning and I wanted you to know that I've decided to "re-up". Now, you might not like my first "new" post, but it'll get better, I promise.