Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Broke 'er in!

The variable speed was on the fastest and it still took me way longer than i remembered it could....i was really pushing that saw when i realized just how Thick those planks are. The saber tooth saw blade is tiny, when you think about it. It did the job, though. I cut it Out! my biggest heart ever. Now it's time to take that rusty ole rasp along it's edges....today is more Auction Block. It got posponed until Tuesday....
I figured out the tone of my re-action to what we are going thru; it's an almost Defiance/La la la life goes on. Fuck it, i'm not gonna be all sad all the time

and on that note: Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope it's a Good One.


Mauricio said...

Linda foto!!


phryGIAN said...


I like these posts recently

Also, is this Her sister?