Sunday, January 25, 2009

If You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

wasn't such a tampon commercial theme song....i would sing it All the time! i sang it to Pop-pops in the backseat of the car. Oh I was sangin' like i MEANT it because i did....the aw baby what ya done to me part. that kid really does make me feel so good's pretty much phenomenal & i do feel like i'm a natural woman. I really do. Like i wanna pull someone into my bosom and hug them tight. Like i want to make somebody some warmmm & delicious food, maybe some actual mexican cuisine w/some hot chile and heat up 'em up some corn tortillas smeared w/avocado or cheeeeese & tucked under a soft warming dish-towl/cloth on the after another until We are nice & full...Also like i could go outside and round up some planks i saved from the dumpster and take to them..Powers saw them in half if i want w/trusty power saw AND a brand spankin' new jigsaw  - to make  something curved out of wood. - a new saw, just for the occasion. This all makes me feeel so Alive!

Also: i don't care how many people make fun of it, i kinda liked Aretha Franklin's hat.

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