Monday, January 11, 2010

i just really like this picture

i love all the people in it....i don't even know that chick by the men's bathroom but she's got a beret on and i love her, too! i love all the fooood, the money caught in this digital click. it makes me feel like a fat cat,

 rich and sated. my mother and my two sons bring that out in me.  i like to think we all bring it out in each other.


phryGIAN said...

Mira que Cute

I thought I commented on this one...anyways. Yep, that's me


the heartful blogger said...

Lovin' G's hair in this picture. Lovin the family love.

changapeluda said...

oh meeee, too!

i call Gian's do -

a poooofhawk!

Girl of Approval said...

You have beautiful family.