Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Life is Strange and Beautiful and HARD but i love the FUCK out of It

G. came back to Nipomo for a smidge of his winter break; while it wasn't exactly what Any of us imagined/wanted or would have liked (it sucked), i made the most of it. This is the mantle in a granny house i'm re-newing in a barter for rent arrangement. Only we're just parking the gypsy wagon in the driveway. For the holidays i tried to jazz things up and pretty much failed. we are all, however,  figuring out that it's a Good thing my kids love me no matter what.


Anonymous said...

There's NEVER going to be a more giving, more loving person in the lives of your kids EVER.

That's what mothers are made of. They tolerate you for ALL of what you are, they feed you, they clean up after you, take the brunt of the whole argument YOU started having with them, apologize for having hurt you while YOU literally ripped their hearts- yet, love you like NO ONE else can ever bother to.

Sure you kids love you- and there's no guessing why :)

p.s. sorry to hear what you tried didn't really work out. better luck next time though!

the heartful blogger said...

Never say fail hon. Ain't kids grand?