Monday, August 09, 2010


is momentous fer me ( i hope whomever reads this makes it a commendable one for their own selves!)
Wooo Hoooo i am only transitionally homeless - & Technically they ask me to fill out my copious paper workingz as such because this apartment ain't Permanent housing so don't get too comfortable but that don't stop me from being grateful as all get-out....we got us a roof over our head; a place to park our tipi ( so to speak)

Aaahh just taking a shower in my own place feels soooo good.   I've decorated the living room with doors from our Old  house...which is a funky reminder but i'm okay with my recent past.

 If i don't think about it tooo much...and as for as the perp in my life? the domestic violence culprit dumb fucker bitch knows where i live. his best friend's brother just moved in next door in a small small isolated world...moving three towns away doesn't make me anymore safe or rid of the asshole. but ya  know what?
 fuck him... i don't give him much energy At All, we focus instead on gettin' Up on our feeet already....for example Pop-pops is all into yoga now!

and the Best news of all i've had in a loooong time:
after going thru what we just went thru & coming out alive on the other side - i have an even finer appreciation for ART, my mother and my children and my sister, a normal bed,  the funny, the fun and the good.


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Hearts & hugs xxx

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