Monday, August 02, 2010

i'm just glad we are surviving homelessness & i now have a place i can walk around nekkid if i want

in the most celiBRATory mooood, reckless happy, the kinda mood that makes me wanna flirt w/the inappropriate just for the hell of it, eat SIX sesame balls (oh my goooodsnakes they are delish when burnt just a lil tiny bit), kisss my kids all kinds and make loud fart sounds on my poppa tote tote's back and arms and neck (he's my only kid who'll let me), so grateful and relieved/feelin' Soooo fucking BLESSED that:
 we have a place that's safe and Sound to lay our heads. Gracias a Tortilla Mary & the women's shelter of San Luis Obispo


Anonymous said...

this is great mews!!

changapeluda said...

yeah it IS!!

Heartful said...

Smiles from ears to ears :-)))