Friday, December 02, 2011

i love me some internetz tonite

if ever there was a loneliness obliterater...facebook is it. fuck, i keep in touch with people i don't even know! weird!! And if you are a person that i already Love and you're on facebook: TWICE as nice. Obscure people from my past even. My own kid!! this is so awesome ( & i know, i know it's Just the internet, it's not Real [so i've heard])
 G...who had dropped his page when he flew off to Heidelberg ..he just added himself back in and i couldn't be a happier mom to see his face!
 the person on the monitor is my Brizz Bitch...from the apartments i used to live in. She's moving to Central California and i'm sure going to miss her...she's got Live and Let Die tatted right above her tits. I loved being  this girl's neighbor. and now we get to stay friends on facebook. amazing...i hope i don't ever stop tripping out on that

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