Thursday, December 29, 2011

i been itching to write something verrrry delicately....a note to a deadman

on Facebook! wtf but here it is...i didn't post it there at first because i got weirded out by myself remembering my favourite college professor (which is why it's over-edited cuz i always wanted to impress him)Sooo fondly lovingly emotional explanation is that i'm still raw over this and i Always get fucken buyer's remorse!!

Dear Joel,
    so i Totally  CHOPPED my son's hair off...not me, personally (it was the witchy woman at Supercuts w/super straight bottle black hair, the non-smiler as she sheared it off) Joel! i Really really liked his long hair!
@4am i was sleepless w/Recriminations - sad! i was beating myself up remembering all those scenes in all those damn movies set in the goddam 60's - 19yr old loveflowerchild getting beautiful locks Shorn in the army barber's chair.  i fell asleep to my son's big eyes filling up w/salty tears  - telling me his hair had kept him Warm! ugh! i was crying, too &  i know that's silly but i was feeling mighty bad about it when  There you were! you popped up in my worrywart mother's mind w/that Buzz Cut you sported the 2nd yr i ever knew you...that haircut was so cute! all spritely!  it made you look.. different/younger.. somehow; wilder. You came to me but not in a dream only better. Thanx old favourite writing teacher of mine.


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