Monday, January 02, 2012

my favourite phrase to say out loud (because i had said it in my mind SOoo too many times)

"FUCK A DUCK!!"   i say it whenever i want. Sometimes i literally mean it, as in
"Go fuck a duck if you've got nothin' better to do than BUG the fuck out of me right now!!!!!"  the other day i was walking the streets downtown with a neck ache...i had tilted my head back  tryin' to massage the pain and right when i tilted my head forward, i  totally blurted it Out and into a holiday shopper's  face..Fuck a duck!  Poor guy, i think i scared him. 


Southside Cyclepaths B.C. said...
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La Sirena said...

Those holiday shoppers need to fuck a duck. I forgot that phrase and I loved it so. Thank you for reigniting a previous cursing flame.

Ummm... and regarding the previous deleted comment. I think my guy forgot a logout.