Monday, January 23, 2017

women's march in slo

so yeah i went & i'm okay with it but i just wasn't as Into it as i have been @ other marches - like for BLM or Standing Rock or even poor old Bernie during the straggling days of lookin' like fools to some people at farmers....i'm like Way over the pussy hats, too. not all pussies are fucken pink for one thing & for another - IN-TER-SECTION-ALITY !!!!!!

that night - when i looked at the wondrous pix of crowds around the world that marched in solidarity tho - i was super stoked that i got to be a part of it...small but very important detail:   fucken started my period  a few hours after the march which times my rageful hormones & participation levels at a Heavy Duty don't fuck w/me barameter/mood of death.  Also: The police were Extra friendly & that just grosses me out. STILL glad i went, tho. i want to BE that brown person in the crowd i wanna see around here....

anywhoo: i got to hold the kid's hand & since he's 11 that is a miraculous rarity completely worth marchin' for

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