Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Up to the minute hand me downs from G.

& the pants are from Nana..the socks from Ruby (there are sloths on them..they're brown) all fits him perf ....he Reallly likes it that the hoodie once belonged to his big brother.
sure does make us feel loved.

Monday, January 23, 2017

And to the young at heart, i dedicate this blog post

For as long as i can remember i have been in love with The Wizard of Oz. Being the baby of 5 and spoiled as fuck..every birthday/christmas/easter giftgiving involved emerald citied swag...i had the WHOLE set...the dolls, Emerald city including the foldable yellow brick road, paper dolls, pajamas, cups, plates, purses, too many stills of the movie itself/books/shirts ta count. I know that script like the back of my hand....early on beginning of my love affair w/Miss Judy Garland herself/Frances Ethel Gumm
ANYWhoo bigtime die-hard fine, right?
well you can imagine my almost Out of Body Joyful experience i just had when i saw
 Glinda the good witch werkin' the fucken farmers market right here in my home town!!! i about shitted in my pants i was so excited!! Her pink fooofy dress was floaty - right there on Higuera St. ..she was gently corraling peeps towards a lovely ole Emerald City Background where Dorothy & Toto were waitin'. My good friend w/her iphone was there to snap one of the best pix i've ever taken in my life !! ..The most fabulous thing about it: I look like one of the wicked witch's castleguards & a flying monkey had a baby!!! And that happy baby is me.

i was so happy i cried.

women's march in slo

so yeah i went & i'm okay with it but i just wasn't as Into it as i have been @ other marches - like for BLM or Standing Rock or even poor old Bernie during the straggling days of lookin' like fools to some people at farmers....i'm like Way over the pussy hats, too. not all pussies are fucken pink for one thing & for another - IN-TER-SECTION-ALITY !!!!!!

that night - when i looked at the wondrous pix of crowds around the world that marched in solidarity tho - i was super stoked that i got to be a part of it...small but very important detail:   fucken started my period  a few hours after the march which times my rageful hormones & participation levels at a Heavy Duty don't fuck w/me barameter/mood of death.  Also: The police were Extra friendly & that just grosses me out. STILL glad i went, tho. i want to BE that brown person in the crowd i wanna see around here....

anywhoo: i got to hold the kid's hand & since he's 11 that is a miraculous rarity completely worth marchin' for

Monday, January 09, 2017

NO DAPL !!!! Mni Wiconi/Water is Life !!

this is part of our san luis obispo crew - standing in solidarity w/standing rock water protectors!!
ALL these graphics were made by some cool person who said ANYONE can use 'em for freeee. 

Friday, January 06, 2017

R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid Society....

Today we saved a bee at Taco Bell! Poor lil guy was very tired ...Pop-pops had his fav. indulgent sugarfueled Baja Blast Mountain Dew...i think the fizz alone revived this brave lil bee...he got frenzied & started buzzzin' up the window  so i gently corralled him in my looong sleeves & escorted him outside where he buzzzed away into some landscapey flowers .... we love bees

Hands Held High
Touch the Sky
You mean Everything to me....

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

OMG i almost fucken DIED!!/2016 tried ta kill me, too !!!!!!

asthma attackkk....loss of oxygen to the brains made me wait toooo long ...i felt like i was drowning ...scary af ended up at the ER

but i made it so it's all good !

wish i had some near death experience streeet cred to go with it
maybe i do

what i Do have is lots of gratitude for my groooviest hippy friend i've Ever had in my life who gave me a ride to the hospital & took care of Pop-pops like he was her own...

she's the reason  i remembered how to use my skilsaw