Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pop-pops is an Extraordinary Machine

Happy the filmaker and Fiona Apple have some curbside fun in Sunny California


mathew parkin said...

oh my, that video is so sweet, look at him go aha! bless him awwwwww gosh, im turning all broody hehe
i have never heard fiona apple before, but she is rather nice!
xx xx xx

Girl of Approval said...

That's very cute.


Kudos to them both!

changapeluda said...

Yes! Miss Apple is the bomb diggity. In this day and age of itunes and burning cd's and bearsharing for free and i guess criminally...i thought it was important to go to Best Buy and purchase her latest cd. To support My Girl, Fiona.
She is an Amazing Writer. Also: after her first 2 albums were a monetary/critical success she spent a year in her "hollywood" home going a little crazy, building
little people out of pine cones. Now that's my kinda chick!

changapeluda said...

Girl OA - Thanks they are such a cute brother sister pair. He looks to her to hold him and lays his head on her shoulder so sweetly, I could just die. Now you see why it is Easy to Spoil children. Spare the fucking rod.

Beta Fishy said...

So cute. I think that I love the moments when he pauses to stay on camera the best. Or perhaps he is just checking to make sure his beloved sister is still back there. Either way he is adorable.

Oh well - off to make pine cone animals ; )

changapeluda said...

Oh I do hope you'll be posting pictures of that!

giagia66 said...

HA! How cute!!! Perfect song choice for the moment!!