Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Tuesdays just Got 60% Happier

I (ahem) am Happy to report, my family just won our first item ever @ The Nipomo Library Auction. A lovely steel string lime green guitar! With a strap. My old classical acoustic doesn't have it's own strap. Wooo Hooo. So Happy Tuesday was filled with Music as well as the Senior Photography seen above. A new musical instrument in our house means we learn new songs because (ahem) I am amongst yourself, I'll give you a topic: Wyclef....Okay, there's this song that G. wants to sing, I think it's called "If I Were President" The chords are E, C & G. picks up our brand spankin' new lime green guitar with the plastic still stuck to the pick guard and starts to figure it out. His sister's chord dictionary came in handy....This is a big deal to me because he used to be a wind instrument snob. Any dummy could play the guitar kinda guy....But now, Thanks to Wyclef and our highest bid, we have brought G. over to the String-ed side!! Mwahahahahah!!!


SJ said...

I LOVE Wyclef!

"Just 'cos she dances go-go
It don't make her a ho, no"

Rock. Nice pics. I kind of wish I had something, anything from my senior year. I don't appear anywhere in the yearbook and my mom didn't even bring up senior portraits. I am so making my kids do it. It's neat to have a really nice snap of a kid on the verge of adulthood, IMO. Very telling.

Congrats on the guitar, btw. 60% happier indeed!

knitsteel said...

Yaay! You won! I don't know a thing about guitars, despite having lived with a musician for 2 years, over 15 years ago.

What will your son do now that he's about to graduate, a descendant of royalty and all?

Aaryn said...

Okay, One: this young man is stunning.
Two: Congrats on the guitar.
Three: the toast looks like my cooking.

Beta Fishy said...

Congratulations on the win.

Okay so you have a chord book, but my brother worked on a neat little chord program for the computer, it explains hand positions, et al. He is a bit of a music nerd, but I love him to pieces.

Anywho - here is the link if you are interested:

Enjoy your new lime green baby!

changapeluda said...

SJ- you should take some (late)senior portraits of yourself. The whole hand poised under the chin....maybe an over the shoulder '50's style....Yes! Wyclef is an amazingly cool man.

Knitsteel- let's see, there's the University of Hawaii (doesnt every smart kid apply there :0)
There's California Polytech but it's only a 1/2 hour away he says not far enuf....and then there's his plan to buy a VW bus and tour the states with his best buddy. For a year.
But mostly he wants to go to the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco.

Aaryn- Finally someone who recognizes some burnt toast! No esplaining.
Thank you: he is even more stunning in person. I pass all these compliments on to the rightful owner, btw.

changapeluda said...

Ms Fishy- thanx for the hook-up. Your little brother sounds very nice.

Girl of Approval said...

Awesome guitar! :) Sounds like a lot of fun goes on in your house. :)

Also, those are some great senior photos. Too bad mine weren't half as good. Well, I was going through a kahki pant and polo shirt phase- I even had long sleeved polo shirts for winter! :)

changapeluda said...

In the key of G.
ha ha ha ha (he's trying to do chords from a music theory point of view) Things are contorted fun.
I show him an ole Buck Owens, Cryin' Time C chord and he wants to add a stinkin' pinky...Please!

Those are his 'for pretends' senior pictures. We keep trying to capture the mood :0)

He wants to take the real deal out in a bunch of oak trees around here somewhere. They have to be turned in by a professional photographer to the high school by Oct. 16th.

La Di Dah!

I dig long sleeved polos....

Cari said...

He's so handsome!

You seem like an awesome mom!

ali said...

Belated congratulations!!! Are you two sharing the lime greeny??

mathew parkin said...

oh my gosh that guitar sounds so lovely! congratulations! im glad youve brought him to the stringed side hahaha
i love his cardigan so much, i have a black one like it but its a wee bit too small and a wee bit olsd/ripped at the neck, he look very lovely in it!
alas i no longer play guitar nowerdays because a)im not very good and dale is and b) i have a nice little ukulele instead!
xx xx xx