Monday, October 30, 2006

Lickety Split Catch-Up Service

Happy is ready for her close-up, Mr. Demille. And oh what a cwazy week it's been....Homecoming, a missed Happy Tuesday, many hours chauffering people many miles. G. went to Three parties in One night. Pop-pops paid his first (awwww!) visit to the E.R. We all caught colds and my wee sneezer took it in the bronchial passage. Wheeeeezing scarily. I reverted back to his newborn days of checking on him every milisecond to make sure he was still breathing. Yay for chest x-rays that rule out pneumonia! PPhewww. It's over and while I was living it, I was wanting to blog it. But the livin' made the bloggin' unattainable, if ya know what I mean. On Sunday, which has somehow turned into the day of ass kicking around here, We kicked ass in the living room. Re-arranged the stuffing out of it. Now where there once was clutter....there is a flow, if you will. I feel a clutterfucked weight lifted off my sturdy shoulders and it feels mighty nice.


pinda said...

seems like everything is allright then... you strrong woman!

changapeluda said...

Yep, live in a tribe, strength in numbers.


Pinda, my smiley face guy has gotten juvenile, I need a sexy makeover.
how's this?


Beta Fishy said...

Sorry to hear that you had a rough week, but it sounds like all is well now. Thank goodness.

Hope you have a wonderful halloween.

JAMiN said...

haha i kind of like the juvenile one, but thats just me, maybe a mix? 8-]
woohoo for strength in numbers. and conquering colds. seems like everyone got them the past week or two around here as well.


Girl of Approval said...

I am glad everyone is okay. Sounds crazy! Happy Tuesday today. :)