Monday, January 01, 2007

And now, for a toast.


knitsteel said...

I should have known!

mathew parkin said...


i hope 2007 is the most lovely, wonderful and happy year for you!

xx xx xx

changapeluda said...

ks - heee hee, prolly shoulda.
mp - you're a sweet young man.
right back at ya, buddy.

Beta Fishy said...

Wonderful! The best toast that I have had thus far this new year!

changapeluda said...

dear beta,
something funny happened when i read your comment, i actually felt my smile go up my cheeks & reach my eyes....wonderful feeling,
i'll toast to that!
luv changa

Beta Fishy said...

Ah! That makes me feel all happy as well!

Here is to us! May we totally rock this new year!

Girl of Approval said...

It's California's version of a snowman! :)

the heartful blogger said...

Your blog fills me with such joy. Thank goodness for your big heart.

pinda said...

this link made me think of you changa

where were the times you burnt your toast?