Thursday, February 22, 2007

this one goes out to a sweet little fishy, swimmin' the seas of love, out in big ole texas.

So I says to Pop-pops, "Okay, let's put your shoes back on."
And he goes....shooooomp!
That's our running away noise we make, then pose like the FTD guy. Try it next time you feel like running away. (but you gotta say the word real fast and pose all at the same time) Just a little
Something fun & silly to do. And I am nothing if not fun & silly. Happy Toesday!( even though it's Thursday)


Beta Fishy said...

Look at those tiny little toes. I sure hope you planted kisses all over those sandy little feet, well after you brushed them off of course.

I am practicing my get away move right now....

knitsteel said...

You described that move so well.

Thanatos2424 said...

So, you haven't posted in a while...but then I guess neither have I. You've been rather busy as of late haven't you?

pinda said...

excellent cadrage!

changapeluda said...

hey g. busy schmizzy!

Pinda my pretty peanut,

I looked up cardage in an old very large wadn't in i googled it and it was coupled w/deviant art which i happen to LOVE.

Girl of Approval said...

You have the most beautiful children. Lucky duck.

You all sound like you have so much fun! :)

Mathew Parkin said...

haha, he's the cutest scamp!
xx xx xx