Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Representz

On My Yahoo page, I have an NPR Sunday edition hooked up as a favorite. I don't even bother with the old newspaper anymore....So there's this article about how Latino Veterans of WWII don't get any national attention. They got the Windtalkers and the Japanese being put in camps and for some reason Mexicans aren't in any PBS specials. Well, here is Happy, in a photo of what I think might have really happened. If her dad was going off to war for real, I'm sure this is the picture I would get. Only Happy would be crying.

In her myspace (Happy sometimes deigns to share with me) she wrote

"My Dad, my soldier, my HERO...."


the heartful blogger said...

Whenever the super powers go to war, it's always the soldiers, especially the ones who aren't white, who get forgotten.

pinda said...

go watch the Movie 'Indigènes' for the same happened with north africans in Europes WOII ('Days of Glory' is the english title I think)