Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just one more thing about G. & Scholarships

I want you guys to get Good And TIRED of congratulating him.
He got one from eQuality Scholarships.... The LGBQS que sabe que....His math teacher took him to San Francisco to the award ceremony. Her daughter goes to Berkley so she got to visit and Mrs. Kandel has gone to bat for G. so many times with letters and encouragements, he asked her to the dinner and ceremony. When he left for the weekend, Nana said, "Oh...mijo went to a Gay Thing? I didn't know that."
This award was for $5,000 - yes Five Thousand Smackers! Woo hoo.
It Pays to be Gay! To get it, he was interviewed over the phone by the scholarship judge givers of the monies. Me & Pop-pops kinda overheard most of the conversation as we were nodding off....G. was being sure to say, "Yes" instead of yeah and schmoozing without being he was talking very articulately about that thingie he did @ the Capitol. Evidently, some bills got passed committee ( not quite laws yet ) and G. was part of That Movement...hate crimes being prevented and such. Advocacy. I have a dream/rainbow flag flying/stand up stuff.
I think he deserved the scholarship, but then again I'm always very surprised (i mean pissed) when he doesn't get one. Plus I'm going to go ahead and come clean about something here. I think G. should run for President, that's how great I think he is. Call me delusional, I don't give a fuck. And so, with that: our Scholarship Tally is rising/up to $10,850.
Yay! Brother!!! And it's only $20,000 a year to go to San Francisco State University. Yay! Expensive Ass Higher Education!!!


knitsteel said...

Is that 20,000 a year just for tuition? Wow, and California is supposed to be cheaper than other states.

Congrats again to G on the big scholarship. That's very impressive.

Girl of Approval said...

Congrats G!!!

That's awesome. I am not sure it so much pays to be gay as it pays to be active in the community. :) Or not. That's some expensive schooling. Mine was $6,000-7,000 at the end.

changapeluda said...

Yes that is Per Year...i think tuition fees double and or triple every year...or something crazy like that.

Beta Fishy said...

Congratulations to G! Isn't it wonderful that he is paying for his education on his own intellect and personality?

changapeluda said...

Hell Yeah! Now that you mention it...he IS doing Just that isn't he??

Thanatos2424 said...

Thank you all!

and mom
I don't think it's over ten thousand
it should be somewhere around eight
but, hey it's all good

mo money
mo money

i see how I am.....

changapeluda said...


G. cleared something up for me...
Tuition is a certain amount,
housing is a certain amount and books are a certain amount...All equaling $20,000.

Yikes. Ya learn somethin new everyday!