Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mo' Money Mo' Money

A toast to G.! He just called to tell me he won a $750 scholarship. Last week he called on his 10 o'clock brake to tell me he won the Nipomo High School Arts scholarship for $500. He's going to get there, Que la fregada!

last night G. got home from his friend Bandrew's house (Andrew + he's in the band /not to be confused with Smart Ass Andrew) He TORE into a letter from SFSU....not only were these extremely perceptive staff/audition judges accepting G. into the classical music department but they enjoyed his "excellent performance audition" and offered him $4600 in scholarship money. I was expecting acceptance: the four THOUSAND six hundred dollars was puro icing on the cake.
I really like watching G. jump up & down and wave his arms all about & almost hit his head on the ceiling.
meanwhile Happy (in a different way) Tuesday carries on quietly kicking ass (still!) in her room. She was carefully spraying heavily diluted instant coffee onto her journal entries to give them an aged look. Calling out that she was Happy for her Brother.
Sometimes, when Pop-pops wakes up from a deep sleep, the first thing he says is, "Yay! Brother!"


Beta Fishy said...

Congratulations to G! That is wonderful.

knitsteel said...

I am sooo happy for G and the rest of you. That's a nice chunk of change, all for a very talented young man.

Queer on Paper said...

Good Times...High five to G

the heartful blogger said...

Congratulations!!! Yay G!!!!

Girl of Approval said...

That's flipping great. You guys are too much! Love it-the Pop Pops thing.