Saturday, July 07, 2007

Changapeluda and The Art of Second Guessing

While I haven't gotten back into the swing of things as nimbly as I would like, I haven't been fired as of yet....The night before I started this side job of mine, I was plotting out how I'd get things level and plumb and angled....That's a Lot to think about....and then to think I might not be right about how I'm going about getting these angles and measurements and whatnot...

So I asked my brother Nat to come to the house and walk me through it. Kinda lame and little sisterly of me but I don't care. Anywayze - come to find dad taught us both the same tricks!...only my brother is WAY better at it then I am. So far I've only cut One ten foot pole a little too short but I can use it later on kinda's gonna turn out tits. I can tell.


Mathew Parkin said...

well done, you did well!
at least you know that kinda stuff, i cant grasp any of it, i get my dad to do it (hes a builder haha)
xx xx xx

knitsteel said...

At least you know when to ask for help and you've got some great resources in your family. I've learned a lot through trial and error.

Love the shoes..

Girl of Approval said...

"It's gonna turn out tits." My dear, what does this mean?

Are you builing wooden breasts as the focal point of this adventure of yours?

I am still green with jealousy that you can do anything with wood, including measuring. I just never got the hang of fine measurements.

changapeluda said...

Oh that's just construction worker talk for, "cherry"....

Tits=Somethin' look at.