Sunday, July 22, 2007

So I take back what I said about my brother being the town drunk. He has been Very Sober and helpful. When he is in his element, my brother Nathaniel is pretty much a consumate craftsman. I might even go so far as to say superb. I have seen it with my own eyes. He can sink an eight penny nail with 2 whacks of his hammer, perfect depth with no pecker marks. I have seen him walk the top of a wall, saw in hand and almost lose his balance only to gracefully correct himself and walk on. He got shot by a freakin nailgun in the heartsack and lived to tell about it. Plus he's been taught by our dad, so there you go. Well then, you can imagine my surprise when the old man whose patio extension we had just worked on called to say that his son told him what we had done out there was CRAP and that he didn't want me to finish the job. Huh?! What?!? Exactly his son thought was crap, he wouldn't specify...But I was not to come back. Well shit, before I got all indignant, I actually felt a little relieved. This son of his did not want me there in the first place. I could tell from the bad vibe and the way he threw his weight around. And he was supposed to be the masonry guy, so why was I out there with my head 2 inches away from his crotch while he steadied the pole (so to speak). I drove away proud of myself that even though I was put in that pervy position I was able to get a good swing in and hit the nail. On the Head. Maybe it was the way the old man wheeled up to me and said he wanted my brother to mark the spot where the post holder would go. "No, I want him to do it." not even giving a shit that he sounded all mean and petulant. I bet you it really pissed him off when I had to look him in the eye and say, truthfully: "I can mark it." Then made a big X with my lumber pencil. Huh. Oh Well, I've been fired by worse. I'm not gonna let it get me down, although I have been a little stymied.

This is Nat & me putting an arch in my mom's house. I designed it (hah! stenciled Happy's wrought iron daybed right onto the plyboard, more like) and he built it.

The good news it that I got to work (construction!) out in the sun for 2 days with my brother who loves me more than Rice and Beans (when he's tuned in) And he was so sober and his real self. And I got a $600 check fer my trouble.


Thanatos2424 said...

Wow. I would be mad if all of that writing got erased, too.
I'm glad you started blogging again.
: ]

knitsteel said...

It sounds like the son has ideas of his own, that don't include you or your brother- jerk. If he's a contractor, then he probably had his own good ol' boy buddies that he wanted doing the work. I'm glad you got paid for what you did!

Girl of Approval said...

Well, you did some work and got some money. Woot. Sorry you got fired though. But I am just wondering how you put an arch in anyone's house while wearing sandals and a skirt? Amazing!

La Sirena said...

Wow! You're cool and very cute -- in the sisterhood connotation, not the undermining male way. How excellent that you can build things!

Thanks for all of your comments on my site. I answered most, FYI.

My son makes movies, as well. He is also a Gemini Monkey. Synchronicity never seems to fail.

Your brother sounds like a good man. I've noticed that the sensitive, righteous and talented guys seem to have to drown the very things that make them stellar. I've known a handful myself.

Too bad you lost the contract. I imagine you run into a whole lot of insecure bullshit from the narrow-minded folks who are motivated by their inferiority complexes.

I enjoy your site. Hooray! Keep writing, please.

the heartful blogger said...

What a creep!! But hooray for Nat and the $600!! Woo hoo!!