Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're EveryWhere!!! Proud Mothers of their sons (&daughters)

I was a full on proud mom & So happy to go w/G. to Gay Pride Day @ the Mission San Luis Obispo....We had a gay old time. For real. There were booths with really good food, a jumping house and bubbles, free stuff like water bottles for bikes and rainbow colored pens, and rainbow colored lolipops, rainbow colored People, it was pretty much All rainbowed Out. I won a CD from a radio station (the wheel landed on my lucky #6). It's called "The Defenition of an Ese" & Pop-pops new favourite dance craze: Lean like a Cholo (elbows out side to side). I also saw something so cool and sweet I felt like cryin'. A hippie chick w/light brown dreadlocks and her very slender Latina girlfriend, were sitting on the stairs of the mission, holding hands and waiting for the drag queen entertainment to start. I could tell that they really dig each other by the way they are draped into one another, practically embracing but in a nonchalont kinda way. I smiled at them and they were all happy and smiling right back. It struck me as evolved. Nobody would be doing that 50 years ago and Here they are just being themselves while the whole Plaza is roped off and having a Celebration about it. Right on. And anywayze, it was just a really fun day and we had a real good time.


Thanatos2424 said...

Right on!
you're a pretty cool

knitsteel said...

Very colorful. Very cool.

Beta Fishy said...

I love love love to see couples that are so happily into each other that it just seems natural. No matter what the makeup of the couple is. That is the coolest image.

Thanks again for your sweet candle.

Girl of Approval said...

You're awesome!

I think you're the coolest lady.

Do you want to be my aunty? I like to have aunties all over the globe to look up to and have them be a role model.

the heartful blogger said...

I totally agree, you are the coolest mama.

Thanatos2424 said...

Oh, and putting pictures into your blog from the internet isn't that hard
I'll show you how to do it later

Courtney77 said...

Thats awesome! Very cute.

-thanks for the comment on my blog